Black curate who accused C of E of blocking him from priesthood for his right-wing views gets ordained

Jun 30, 2022 by

by Kelly Valencia, Premier:

Rev Calvin Robinson, a curate who made headlines in recent months for accusing the Church of England of blocking him from priesthood, has been ordained in a Free Church of England church in London.

“When God calls you to something no person can get in his way no matter how wicked or woke,” Robinson told his fellow GB News presenter Nana Akua.

“People try to get in the way of God’s plan, but no one can do that,” he continued.

Rev Robison left the Church of England earlier this year, after he accused it of blocking his progression because of his right-wing political views.

In May, he told Premier Christian News he was due to start a curacy at a church in Holborn, London but after weeks of silence the role was no longer available for him.

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