Bomb in Liverpool

Nov 22, 2021 by

A serious atrocity was narrowly avoided when a bomb malfunctioned outside a women’s hospital. Key talking points: why are the ruling establishment so reluctant to talk about Islamist ideology motivating terror attacks? And was the attacker’s apparently fake conversion to Christianity part of a widely used immigration scam? A selection of articles:

Of terrorists and Islamophobes: a Christian terrorist? by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern:
Many asylum seekers “pretend to have found Jesus in order to support a false claim for asylum.” Al Swealmeen could have been practicing ‘Taqiya’ – an Islamic doctrine which allows true religious beliefs to be concealed. At the same time, those who are genuine Christian converts have faced problems with asylum claims.

The deafening silence on terrorism, by Tom Slater, Spiked:
The ruling establishment are determined to downplay the obvious Islamist threat, preferring to focus on the Twitterati concerns of ‘online harm to MP’s and far-right radicalisation.

We need to get real about Islamist terrorism, by Rakim Ehsan, spiked:
Political correctness is warping our response to this threat. Left-leaning public institutions refuse to face the ideological character of the terror threat, because of prejudice (about ‘right wing’ dangers) and fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic.

Our ritual response to Islamist terror, by Simon Cottee, UnHerd: Why is the first step always to genuflect before the Muslim community?

Hero taxi driver who survived ‘evil’ Liverpool bomb says ‘it’s a miracle I’m alive’.
By Lorraine King, Mirror:
It has also been revealed that Al Swealmeen was was not the penniless refugee from Syria he claimed to be but came from a middle class family living in Jordan.


Don’t blame the Church for terrorism, by Giles Fraser, UnHerd:
The media and some government ministers have accused the C of E of helping refugees to ‘game the system’ by naively accepting them as converts to Christianity. But in many cases it might just be kindness.

Church of England says no evidence asylum seekers are converting to Christianity to stay in country, by Donna Birrell, Premier

Is the Church of England complicit in the rise of ‘Pray to Stay’? by Sian Boyle, Mailonline

The Church and asylum in the UK: ‘Pray to stay’: Today it is no longer sham marriages but sham conversions, By Judi Sture, Virtueonline

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