Booker’s postmodernism – a dead end morally and spiritually

Sep 22, 2020 by

by Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman:

JUSTIFYING the decision to prioritise authors of colour when shortlisting works for the Booker Prize, one of the judges, Margaret Busby, argues: ‘Each of us makes judgments through the prism of who we are and what we have learnt or internalised.’

Thus Busby unwittingly reveals what is so destructive, irrational and dangerous about the cultural-Left’s embrace of postmodern theory and politically correct ideology and groupthink.

Whereas judging a literary work once involved evaluating whether it was well-crafted and well-written, and whether it had something significant to say about human nature and the world in which we live, works are now judged through a politically correct prism involving gender, ethnicity, race and class.

For the Woke warriors such as Busby who dominate universities, the media and the publishing and entertainment industries, establishing a criterion based on rationality and reason no longer applies; such concepts are simply social constructs reinforcing European supremacism, capitalism, misogyny and whiteness.

To suggest otherwise by arguing that not everything is subjective and that it’s possible more closely to approximate the truth of things is to marginalise and disempower those victim groups defined as the Other including LGBTIQ+ people, non-Europeans and non-whites.

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