Boris Johnson welcomes report which calls for new deal between government and faith communities

Sep 28, 2020 by

by Marcus Jones, Premier:

The Prime Minister has given his backing to a new report which has called on the government to work more closely with faith groups on solving social issues.

The document titled Levelling Up Our Communities was put together at the request of Boris Johnson by Christian MP Danny Kruger (pictured below).

It it, the Conservative politician outlines how the UK can build on the goodwill and togetherness which has been established as a result of the coronavirus pandemic with thousands of people volunteering to help those who’ve had to isolate.

He’s given a number of recommendations including a bank holiday called Neighbour Day and a new national database of volunteers for use in future emergencies.

One other area raised, which will interest churches, is what Kruger describes as a ‘new deal with faith communities’.

The MP writes of the benefit they have brought during the pandemic and the need to better support them.

“The Government should invite the country’s faith leaders to make a grand offer of help on behalf of their communities, in exchange for a reciprocal commitment from the state.

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