Born bewildered: The child whose mum wants to be dad

Jun 9, 2018 by

by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman:

A baby born to a transgender man could become the first person in the country without a legal mother if the parent wins a historic court battle.

The Telegraph reported: ‘Lawyers representing the parent told a judge that he had been biologically able to get pregnant and give birth but had legally become a man when the child was born.

‘The man wants to be identified as the child’s “father” or “parent” on a birth certificate; however a registrar told the man the law requires people who give birth to children to be registered as mothers.

‘The man has since taken legal action against the body set up to administer statutory provisions relating to the registration of births and deaths after complaining of discrimination.

‘He said forcing him to register as the child’s “mother” breached his human right to respect for private and family life.

‘The man added that such “interference” was not proportionate or necessary in the light of changes which had “evolved in society”.’

However, the official recognition of a woman as a man and vice versa is not the result of ‘changes which have evolved in society’, but an imposition from the ruling elites on the peasant classes below; the clear message is that anyone who does not comply with the private idiosyncrasies of individuals in these matters cannot become involved in public life and will be automatically excluded from the corridors of power.

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