Boys in skirts and the sinister side of the education establishment

Sep 11, 2017 by

by Chris McGovern, TCW:

A school where I taught as head of history for seven years, Lewes Priory Comprehensive in East Sussex, has been much in the news. It has decided to ban any pupil – girl or boy – from wearing a skirt. Piers Morgan, a pupil at the school during my time there, has described the ban as ‘gender-neutral nonsense’. He is right.
This is gender identity theft in its starkest form. By all means offer individual support to that tiny number of children who feel, without the prompting of gender zealots, that they have a personal concern, but this should not be at the expense of the overwhelming majority of other children. If anyone needs help in schools these days, it is those misguided fanatics who are likely to cause much misery, upset and trauma by encouraging children to question their gender. 
What a confusing world it has become for youngsters! Down the road from Lewes Priory School, fee-paying Brighton College has decided against banning skirts and instead allows boys to wear them. If the lads wants a ‘laff at the silly staff’ they can come in dressed in skirts! And boys being boys this has already happened in one school of which I am aware. 
Lewes Priory School, though, has form when it comes to using a ‘ban’ to enforce educational ideologies. In my time there, my departmental colleagues and I were banned from expressing to parents our concerns about the dumbing down involved in what was, then, the new GCSE exam for history. Model questions such as one that asked candidates to explain why, in 1944, the Allies kept ‘as secret as possible’ the D-Day invasion plans seemed to us a complete nonsense.

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