bpas warned for “harassment” of Boots staff

Sep 2, 2017 by

from SPUC:

Pharmacy chain Boots sent a legal warning to bpas after the abortion provider helped supporters send “a torrent of personal abuse” to its staff.

It has emerged that Boots sent two legal warnings to bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) concerning their campaign to force the chain to lower the price of the morning-after pill.

Orchestrated campaign

Bpas encouraged supporters to boycott Boots after it initially refused to follow other retailers in slashing the price of the pill, which has an abortifacient mechanism. Boots said in a reply to bpas that “we would not want to be accused of incentivising inappropriate use” by lowering the price of the product. However, under pressure from bpas and a group of mostly Labour MPs, the company quickly apologised and committed to cut the cost, which it has now done.

“Personal abuse”

As part of the campaign, bpas set up a web form which could be used to contact five senior Boots executives. In a letter sent at the start of August by well-known celebrity law firm Schillings, the chain says the campaign caused “immense personal distress” to their employees, and the use of the email feature constituted the “facilitation and tacit encouragement of personal abuse” which was “flagrantly unreasonable”.

Examples given of abusive messages sent through the form include one employee being described as a “vile, nasty, strange excuse of a half man”, and another saying “You really are a vile, intensely peculiar sack of corporate puss.”

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