Fast, pain-free divorces? They are slow agony for our children

Apr 14, 2019 by

by Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday:

Fail to keep up payments on a house or car, or break your employment contract, and see what happens to you.

The courts will take the side of the person or company you have wronged, force you to pay up and probably throw in a punishment too.

But break a marriage contract and the courts will now take your side and punish anyone who gets in your way, especially anyone who wants to abide by the contract.

The person who wants to stay married and refuses to accept the end of the pact, can – if he or she resists – be dragged by force from the family home, under the ultimate threat of prison.

This strikes me as amazing in itself – that there is one unique area of law where the delinquent person is rewarded and the dutiful person punished.

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