British rabbis “bravely” defy government directive to teach LGBT in Jewish schools

Feb 24, 2020 by

from SPUC:

Defiant rabbis representing Orthodox Jewish communities in Britain have issued a statement refusing to teach LGBT-related issues in its member schools. Representing Charedi education in the UK, the rabbinate stated that their schools would “not describe to pupils lifestyles prohibited by the Torah”.

Chinuch UK, set up two years ago to protect its schools and pupils from Ofsted, said it was responding to recent communications to Charedi schools from the Department for Education regarding the introduction of lessons in LGBT awareness.

If asked by Ofsted inspectors about the implementation of a new curriculum that teaches about LGBT groups, the schools have been advised to “state clearly and respectfully that they do not cover these subjects”. Moreover, the rabbis will instruct their schools to “ensure that inspectors do not speak to pupils about these matters at all”.

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