‘Burn churches not queers’ – ‘Yes’ campaign turning Australians against gay marriage

Sep 27, 2017 by

by Sam Duncan, Daily Mail Australia:

Polls still indicate a majority of Australians will vote ‘yes’ on the gay marriage postal survey.

But the wildcard in the postal vote is the increasingly confrontational actions and even violence by some of those campaigning for marriage equality, which appears to be driving non-aligned voters towards either a no vote – or not even bothering to fill out the survey.

From the headbutting of former prime minister Tony Abbott to academics banning the word ‘marriage’ because it’s ‘homophobic’, the tactics of the ‘yes’ campaign are causing conservative Australians to start turning away from the campaign for marriage equality completely.

After irritating millions with a mass weekend text message telling them to vote ‘yes’, the actions of a lunatic fringe using violent and abusive tactics are starting to shock voters.

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