Burundi: The advancing role of the Anglican Church

Jun 22, 2019 by

by Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye, EPAC:

Burundi is a country of 12 million people to the south of Uganda and Rwanda. The Anglican Church of Burundi was started in 1935 by the Church Missionary Society and Ugandan and Rwandan missionaries. It is known for standing on three pillars : evangelism, medical services and education.

The Church, now numbering about 1million members, has been able to grow and make an impact from its foundation up to today because of the influence and fruits of the East African Revival Movement. This movement emphasises the love of God and love of one another, salvation, walking in the light with one another, and staying in fellowship as brethren.

The Anglican Church has been involved in building up Burundi in many ways in response to the different challenges caused by many years of instability and civil war.

The Church has been able to contribute through the following major activities :

1. Preaching the word of God

In-season and out-of-season preaching the word of God has been the main activity, as Jesus Christ Himself recommended in the Great Commission – to go and teach and baptise people. The Church has been doing that mission such that there has been growth both in numbers and spirituality. The Church covers the whole country in nine dioceses led by bishops, pastors, and lay ministers. The Church has been preaching a message of hope, love and unity, inviting Jesus Christ to come and reign in the hearts of His believers .

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