By banning the Christian Union, Oxford University’ Balliol College is too clever by half

Oct 10, 2017 by

By James MacIntyre, Christian Today.

[…] It appears to be unclear whether there was a demand from other faiths either to ban the CU or indeed to have any presence at the fair themselves. But it seems bizarre to see a CU presence as Christianity being allowed to ‘monopolise’.

Perhaps Freddy and Hubert practise a non-Christian faith themselves, but my guess is that the demand demonstrated in the undergraduate survey, such as it was, came from fashionable non-believers more than it did from those practising other faiths.

The key revelation here is the desire for a ‘secular space,’ which is so in line with the trend in the political world of Westminster, where the former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron was earlier this year thrown to the lions over his evangelical Christianity.

Oxbridge, which produces so many politicians, loves to mimic the Westminster Parliament, with endless motions of no confidence in the government and other political debates.

But a serious university college should of all places be one of free thought, with grownups being allowed to choose, as I did, whether or not to engage with the CU and any other body. Of course, there is something patronising about the assumption that people cannot make up their own minds.

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