C of E urges its 4,500 primaries to teach sex education

Dec 7, 2019 by

by John Roberts, tes:

Church goes further than DfE by recommending that ‘age-appropriate’ sex education should begin in primary schools.

Sex education should start at primary age, the Church of England has said in a new charter that it is calling on its 4,500 primary schools to follow.

The Church’s chief education officer, Nigel Genders, told Tes that it had deliberately gone further than the government, which says that compulsory sex education should start at secondary school and places no expectation on primaries to teach the subject.

“Whereas the law says secondary schools have to and primary schools can choose to, we are actually recommending that primary schools do in an age-appropriate way and we hope that this approach will give them the confidence to do that,” he said.

“We want that to be age-appropriate. We know there will be people who will always express horror at the idea of really young children in this space but we are talking about age-appropriate sex education, which is really, as people are going to the top end of primary school, this is something that they should have confidence to talk about.”

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