C4M’s analysis of manifestos: LGBT education

Dec 6, 2019 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

This is our latest email highlighting manifesto promises around marriage.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have committed to mandatory LGBT-inclusive lessons.

The Conservative Government introduced Relationships Education, which all schools will be required to teach from September 2020. There is no right of withdrawal from Relationships Education at any stage (in secondary schools it is part of Relationships and Sex Education). Good things can be taught under the framework, but as we have always warned, it gives an open door to campaign groups hostile to marriage.

Secondary schools must teach about LGBT issues. Although primary schools are “strongly encouraged” to cover them, there is currently no legal requirement to do so at that stage of education.

Such lessons will inevitably present traditional marriage as just one option among many, when it should be seen as the ‘gold standard’ for relationships. We have already seen an example of a new curriculum for primary schools in Warwickshire that fails to mention marriage, commitment or faithfulness – but is happy to promote transgenderism and homosexuality.

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