Call to vaccinate teachers

Mar 4, 2021 by

From the Church of England Newspaper March 4

Dear Editor

The Government have announced that they will not be giving priority to occupation groups in their vaccination programme. The police and teachers are quite justified in being upset by this.
“Being led by the science” is not enough – there is also basic decency and fairness. Police are in the front line and some have been spat at for enforcing COVID regulations. Some have died from Covid.   On top of the extra work they have done teaching both in school and online, teachers are now being asked to meet indoors with children who will not be socially distancing easily, from many households, most of which have not been vaccinated.  If they succumb to COVID they will put their colleagues under further pressure. Yet ‘being led by the science’ means that those who have infringed the law so badly they are in prison are going to be vaccinated.
Yours sincerely
Chris Sugden
A similar point is made by Theresa Frayn in a letter to the Times (Thursday March 4)
“Anyone who has ever worked in a school knows the disruption caused by the absence of any member of staff……Vaccinating all who work in schools would show that the government is genuinely serious about putting education first.”

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