Calls to unseat Church of England rejected by Government

Nov 29, 2018 by

by Alex Williams, Premier:

Ministers have rejected calls to sever ties between the Church of England and the state, saying antidisestablishmentarianism is official government policy.

One Tory frontbencher told the House of Lords on Wednesday there were no plans to “destabilise” the historical relationship.

Lord Young of Cookham (…) said: “Who we are as a country is defined by our church and our state and the relationship that has been developing over 400 years between them.

“The Government value that relationship; we think it adds value to both sides and is welcomed by the country. We have no plans to destabilise that relationship.”

The peer was responding to a question from Labour’s Lord Berkeley (pictured below) who suggested Prince Charles ought to embrace a secular state when he becomes king.

He asked: “Is it not time for the new monarch, when he comes, to embrace this secular state and perhaps swear an oath to Parliament?”

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