Campaigners accuse BBC of peddling a ‘damaging’ transgender ideology to primary school pupils in row over controversial children’s cartoon

Oct 25, 2020 by

by Stephen Adams, Mail on Sunday:

The BBC has been accused of peddling ‘damaging’ transgender ideology to primary school pupils through its education website.

BBC Bitesize last week tweeted a cartoon of three teenagers in a changing room beneath the caption: ‘For #InternationalPronounsDay, what are pronouns and how can you be an ally to friends who’ve changed theirs?’

International Pronouns Day is a transgender festival that ‘seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace’, according to its website.

The pronouns ‘she/her’ were written beneath one of the cartoon figures, ‘he/him’ beneath a second and ‘they/them’ a third.

The tweet included a link to a longer BBC Bitesize article that had been compiled with the help of LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall.

It included a sentence explaining pronouns, while the remainder described how they ‘relate to non-binary people’.

‘Not everyone uses ‘he’ or ‘she’ pronouns to express their identity,’ it said. ‘Some use ‘neo-pronouns’ such as ne, ve, ze.’

The article said that if a classmate identified as ‘non-binary’, then referring to them using their preferred pronouns could make them ‘feel safe and respected’.

It was met with a flood of comments, many of them critical of the BBC which deleted the tweet but later reinstated it with comments disabled.

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