Can all ages have confidence in the Christmas Story?

Nov 30, 2022 by

by Stephen Kuhrt, Psephizo:

Each year, I write a Children’s Carol Service for Christ Church, New Malden in which we try to combine the fun of Christmas with thinking hard about the Christmas stories and their meaning. The church is always full of loads of children and adults in Christmas costumes and much of it has a very ‘pantomime’ feel. But the script is deliberately written to make those present think as well as be entertained. This particular service focuses on the dangers that come with both an uncritical and sentimental response to the Christmas stories, usually through an uncritical response to their traditional reading but also the scepticism that avoids engagement for much the same reasons. Its aim is to combine celebration of the joy of Christmas with developing a proper confidence in the gospel stories. Feel free to use and/or change the script this coming Christmas in any way that you wish.

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