Can Holy Communion be celebrated remotely at home? Two more views:

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Holy Communion in a Coronavirus World, by Glenn Davies, Anglican Ink:

…since we are now live-streaming our services, I see no reason why we could not broadcast a minister celebrating the Lord’s Supper with the customary bread and wine. Members of the parish could participate in their own homes via the internet consuming their own bread and wine, in accordance with our Lord’s command. Following the service on screen, as led by the minister, members of a household could actively share in the communion, the remembrance and the proclamation of our Lord’s death. Their fellowship with the body of Christ would be no less spiritual and no less real.

What about Holy Communion? from American Anglican Council

Many Bishops have sent out pastoral letters about how we should receive the sacrament of Holy Communion in this season of social distancing. The consensus of the bishops at this time is that we cannot provide the sacrament “virtually” by consecration over the internet, with the clergy consecrating bread and wine remotely. So, here are a few alternatives that we have already reported and posted…

…The bottom line is that “the sacrament of desire” to be united with Christ spiritually in elements consecrated elsewhere is the equivalent of full communion. What this means is that clergy can live-stream the consecration of the elements and people watching can receive spiritual communion/full communion in accordance with prayer 106 at BCP 2019 (at p. 677).

see also an earlier discussion:

Can Holy Communion be celebrated remotely at home? The Gospel Coalition presents different views from two evangelicals

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