Can you be a Christian without conversion?

May 27, 2022 by

from Let Us Pray:

It seems supporters of the conversion therapy ban want to outlaw any kind of prayer or pastoral support which seeks to guide a person toward a biblical understanding of sexuality and identity.

Activists say ‘any form of… persuading someone to change their sexual… behaviour… or gender identity should be illegal’.

Commenting on prayer, Jayne Ozanne, a leading campaigner for the ban, said “when there is a pre-determined purpose I think that must be banned”[1].

But all this undermines the very heart of Christianity.

The term ‘conversion’ is commonly used in Christianity to describe a person’s response to the Gospel message and Christ’s call to repentance and faith.

The Bible teaches the bad news that all of us have sinned and face judgement from God, and the good news that He has provided a way for us to be forgiven through Jesus Christ.

In their letter to the Westminster Government about its conversion therapy plans, 2,500 Christian ministers and pastoral workers explained it like this.

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We are here, we exist, say ex-LGBT Christians, from Christian Today:
Christians gathered in London at a conference to hear powerful testimonies about how people with same sex attraction and gender dysphoria have found redirection of desires and psychological wholeness through the love of God.

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