Canada’s Mizzou? Enrollment plunging at university that investigated gender-neutral pronoun debate

Jun 16, 2018 by

from The College Fix:

‘”Hard-line, leftist indoctrination” seems to have failed as a marketing strategy’

Wilfrid Laurier University may have thought that its public-relations problems ended in December, when its president admitted it should have never investigated a grad student’s decision to show a gender-neutral pronoun debate in class.

But the Canadian university’s problems are just beginning, as evidenced by new enrollment figures across Ontario institutions.

Laurier Finance Prof. William McNally pointed out the university’s admissions confirmations as of June 7 have declined 15.2 percent from a year ago, while first-place choices are down 12.5 percent, both the worst in the province.

This is in stark contrast to province-wide confirmations, which rose by 0.3 percent, he said: “Failing to stand for truth has consequences.”

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