Canada’s National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day – report

Jun 15, 2024 by

by Jack Fonseca, CLC:

There was a widespread media blackout on coverage of our second annual National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day, but the truth must be told, hence this update.

The Walk-Out Days were held in protest of the insidious LGBT indoctrination taking place in classrooms across Canada, and we planned them to coincide with all the days on which schools were likely to raise the LGBT Pride Flag in honour of transgender and homosexual Pride Month.

We believe it was a smashing success, just like last year, and I’ll get into some evidence for that shortly.

School Boards and Mainstream Media Hiding Absence Rates

Unfortunately, we don’t have direct access to absence figures.

Believe it or not, each school board would ask for hundreds of dollars if we submitted a Freedom of Information Request to demand the absence numbers from May 31 – June 4. I guess the fees are their way of circumventing the Freedom of Information law, to ensure that it’s difficult for the public to find out what’s going on. So much for transparency!

In 2023, after the inaugural National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day, we were able to confirm absence rates between 30% to 75% in many school boards.

However, the only reason we were able to get those figures was because journalists spoke to school officials and teachers’ unions to obtain the data, and then published the details in news articles.

The success of the 2023 Walk-Out then fueled the Million Person March 4 Children protests on September 20, 2023, which saw massive parental rights rallies at school boards and city halls across Canada. These subsequent protests were organized by the Hands Off Our Kids group, along with other parental rights leaders (especially from within Muslim communities).

Strikingly, since this year’s 2024 National “Pride” Flag Walk-Out Day, no mainstream media outlet has been curious enough to publish a story about the event and the mass student absences that ensued.

Why could that be?

Well, it seems to me quite possible that the liberal, pro-LGBT mainstream media outlets like CBC, CTV, Global News, and The Toronto Star deliberately avoided reporting any absence rates because they’re hoping to suck the oxygen out of the parental rights movement.


To prevent our Walk-Out Day campaign from fuelling another massive, Million Person March 4 Children and similar protest actions.

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