Cancel culture fails as ‘Education not Indoctrination’ event goes ahead in Glasgow church

Nov 24, 2022 by

from The Christian Institute:

An education conference highlighting the indoctrination of children in Scottish schools has gone ahead, after LGBT activists attempted to shut down the event.

‘Education not indoctrination’, organised by campaign group Hands Up Scotland, invited discussion from academics, parents and teachers on the pressure to shut down debate on issues in schools, including the promotion of LGBT ideology and the sexualisation of children through sex education.

But just days before the conference, it had to be relocated to The Tron Church, Glasgow. Agile City, the operators for the original venue Civic House, said its staff refused to work at the conference, claiming it ‘opposed their values and made them feel unsafe’.


Dr Stuart Waiton, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology at Abertay University, commented: “You couldn’t really make this up. But cancel culture has now firmly taken root in Glasgow. The whole point of this conference is to have a discussion about some of the dogmatic and ideological developments in schools.”

He added: “This attempt to cancel the event is illustrative of the dangerous and deeply intolerant times we live in, where any discussion or disagreement about issues like race and gender are silenced”.

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