Advent Meditations: Tuesday 24 December

Dec 24, 2019 by

Tues Dec 24 am: 45, 46 pm: 89:1-29 Isa 59:15b-21 am: Gal 3:23-4:7 pm: Phil 2:5-11 Matt 1:18-25 Notes on the Liturgical Feast for Today: The Vigil for the Feast of the Nativity – (Also known as Christmas Eve) In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Christmas Eve is referred to is Paramony (“preparation”). It is the concluding day of the Nativity Fast and is celebrated as a day of strict fasting by those devout Orthodox Christians who are physically able to do so. In some traditions, nothing...

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Advent Meditations: Monday 23 December

Dec 23, 2019 by

Mon Dec  23 am: 61, 62 pm: 112, 115 Zeph 3:14-20 Titus 1:1-16 Luke 1:1-25 Monday of the fourth Week of Advent : Martyrs of Crete, 250 (Eastern Orthodox Calendar)                                                                                                                                        O Antiphons –O Emmanuel Saints Theodulus, Saturninus, Euporus, Gelasius, Eunician, Zoticus, Pompius, Agathopus, Basilides and Evaristus suffered for Christ during the third century under the emperor...

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Advent Meditations: Sunday 22 December

Dec 22, 2019 by

Sun Dec 22 am: 144, 80 pm: 118,126 Isa 7:1-10 Rom 1:1-7 Matt 1:18-25   ADVENT IV -Liturgical Theme  for Today : In this last week before Christmas, we focus on God’s love as we prepare for the Good news. The Lighting of the Candle for this 4th Sunday is often known as the Love Candle. Some other traditions refer to the 4th Candle as the Shepherds Candle. In either case, as we consider the lessons today, we turn to the Lectionary Readings for Sunday .Many are inclined to look past the 4th...

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Advent Meditations: Saturday 21 December

Dec 21, 2019 by

Sat Dec 21 am: 61, 62 pm: 112, 115 Job 42:1-6 1 Peter 1:3-12 Luke 1:1-25 Notes on the Liturgical Feast for Today:  Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle                          The O Antiphon – O Oriens    The Forefeast of the Nativity. The liturgical structure is similar to the Holy Week preceding Pascha/Easter. The Orthodox Church sees the birth of the Son of God as the beginning of the saving ministry which will lead Him, for the sake of man’s salvation, to the ultimate sacrifice of the...

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Advent Meditations: Friday 20 December

Dec 20, 2019 by

Fri Dec 20 am: 46, 95 pm: 4,9 Zeph 3:1-13 2 Thess 3   Matt 18:1-20 Notes on the Liturgical Feast for Today :  – An Ember Day                                                 The O Antiphon:   O Clavis David – O Key of David Four times a year, the Church sets aside three days to focus on God through His marvelous creation. These quarterly periods take place around the beginnings of the four natural seasons and are each kept on a successive Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and are known...

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Advent Meditations: Thursday 19 December

Dec 19, 2019 by

Thur Dec 19 am: 50, 59 pm: 60, 33 Zech 4:1-14 Rev 4:9-5:5 Matt 25:1-13 Notes on the Liturgical Feast for Today :  Augustine Moi, Martyr of Vietnam, 1839  Augustine worked as a day laborer. When the persecution of the faith started, he was ordered to trample a crucifix, an act he refused. Augustine’s tormentors strangled him for his loyalty to Christ) O Antiphon : O Radix Jesse – O Root of Jesse you  have been raised up as a sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in Your presence;...

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