Everyday global Anglicans

Jan 7, 2021 by

Ernie Didot from Gafcon interviews Bishop Andy Lines, Rev Philip de Grey-Warter and Rev Lee McMunn about the newly-launched Anglican Network in Europe, a home for Anglicans outside the Church of England and other Canterbury-aligned jurisdictions in Europe, recognised by Gafcon and formally constituted as a structure to enable biblically faithful mission. See the video here

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Anglican Mission in England celebrates new status and opportunities

Dec 18, 2020 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) is not a new organisation. Its origin was in the early 2000’s, when new congregations started to appear in England which identified as Anglican, but were outside the Church of England. In some cases they left because they were no longer able to accept the authority of, and fellowship with a liberal Bishop. In other cases the C of E Bishop initially granted a “mission order” to plant a new church, only to rescind it...

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When Going was necessary for Growing

Oct 13, 2020 by

By Melvin Tinker, Anglican Mainstream: In August 2020 a new Anglican network of churches was formed out of St John, Newland in Hull. Within two weeks of its announcement, over 550 folk (including children) signed up to join Christ Church Newland, Christ Church Riverside and Christ Church Orchard Park. This was the result of two years of prayer and planning by the whole leadership to ensure an orderly exit from the Church of England and the formation of an Anglican ministry freed up for Gospel...

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Anglican realignment moves forward as AMiE conducts first ordinations

Dec 11, 2017 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. The focus for the first ordination service conducted by Gafcon missionary Bishop Andy Lines on 7th December was on the universal scope of Christ’s authority, and his commission to make disciples across national and cultural barriers. Taking Matthew 28:16-20 as his text, guest preacher Rico Tice reminded the ordinands and congregation of how Jesus’ victory deriving from his cross and resurrection, and his authority over the nations, derives from his...

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Updated: AMiE Ordinations

Dec 4, 2017 by

Thursday 7 December marks an historic moment in the life of the Gafcon movement and the wider Anglican Communion. Bishop Andy Lines, who was consecrated as a missionary bishop to the UK and Europe by the Gafcon Primates in June, will ordain nine men who will serve in the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)… …AMiE is part of a response to the urgent need for mission in a society which has largely abandoned its Christian heritage and to the confusion being caused by the timidity of...

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News from Anglican Mission in England: Statement about ordinations

Dec 3, 2017 by

From AMiE website: A significant event in the life of the Church will take place on Thursday 7th December 2017 in London. The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) will be holding its first ordination service led by the newly consecrated Missionary Bishop, Andy Lines. AMiE is a growing network of churches who are Anglican by conviction. They are not part of the central structures of the Church of England but are connected to the global Anglican family through Gafcon. We were delighted when Andy...

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