Why Anglo-Catholicism appeals to millennials

Feb 8, 2019 by

by Marcus Walker, Catholic Herald: “Twentysomethings are flocking to Anglo-Catholic services” shouted a headline in the Times above an article featuring my church, St Bartholomew the Great, in the City of London. As so often with headlines, the drama of the moment trumps the evidence of the article and accusations of hyperbole haunt the actual good news in the story that follows. But good news there is, however you define the word “flocking”. With two per cent of those under 25 in Britain...

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A report on the Anglican Patrimony Conference

Apr 27, 2018 by

by David Pickering, Anglican Mainstream. The Anglican Patrimony conference (at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, on 25-26 April) brought together a wide range of those who value the Anglican inheritance and are concerned for traditional Christian orthodoxy, not only from the Church of England, but also ACNA, the Ordinariate, and the Anglican continuum. Its stated aim was ‘to consider the inheritance of traditional Anglicanism and the contribution this might make to the renewal of the Church’, taking...

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Acting Bishop of London criticised for comments on ‘faffy’ High Church

Jan 28, 2018 by

by Abigail Frymann Rouch, Telegraph: The acting Bishop of London has been criticised by senior clergy for describing the High Church tradition as “faffy ceremonial” and suggesting it lacks “deep faith”. Bishop Pete Broadbent, bishop of Willesden, made the comments in a Facebook discussion beneath a job advertisement that referred to a church in the “modern catholic tradition”. Asked by a priest if he meant “High Church”, the bishop replied: “No … High church is faffy ceremonial without...

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The Gospel and the Catholic Church – A conference discussing Anglican Patrimony today

Jan 23, 2018 by

A message from Bishops John Hind and Michael Nazir-Ali: The impetus for this conference began in the 80th anniversary year of Michael Ramsey’s “The Gospel and the Catholic Church”. This suggested the possibility of a conference to consider the inheritance of traditional Anglicanism and the contribution this might make to the renewal of the Church. It is hoped, therefore, to attract a wide participation from those who value orthodox Anglican Patrimony. The themes consider mission and...

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Can Anglo-Catholic churches grow?

Dec 6, 2017 by

by Fr Richard Peers, Psephizo: Not so many years ago it was generally accepted that the Church of England was a finely balanced three-legged stool of Anglo-Catholics, evangelicals and the liberal establishment. The debate about the ordination of women has diminished Anglo-Catholicism both in numbers and in the diversion of energy – particularly of our best leaders and organisers. The liberal establishment has been reduced by the rise of what at least one bishop describes as the neo-orthodoxy...

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Mawer, Percy, and the See of Sheffield: what if Conservative politicians had supported Philip North?

Sep 25, 2017 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Sir Philip Mawer’s report on the circumstances surrounding the nomination of Bishop Philip North to the See of Sheffield makes interesting reading, in particular what it means for the ‘mutual flourishing’ of both proponents of women priests and bishops, and those unable to receive the ministry of women bishops or priests. By exhorting the House of Bishops to commission a group “with balanced membership” to review “what would mutual flourishing look like – for me, for...

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