We need more than mere explanation

Jan 20, 2021 by

by Stephen Kneale: I wonder what aspect of sermon preparation and/or preaching you tend to find the hardest? I wonder what most preachers find the most difficult bit? Assuming you have prayed about it beforehand, you pick up your Bible to read the allotted passage – what is the hardest bit from there for you? In my experience (and I think, based on conversations I’ve had with other ministers, many feel similarly), the hardest part is not really understanding what a passage means. After all, we...

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Handling the Bible in Love and Faith

Jan 9, 2021 by

by Kirsten Birkett, Church Society: I want people to be convinced that the word of God is good. God is so generous, and his word saves and enriches and fulfils life. God will offer anyone the opportunity to approach him, unashamedly, in Christ. He will teach us all to let go of the old ways of hate, and separation, and disunity. His welcome is universal and unconditional. We know this from the Bible; and it is from the Bible that Christians have always learned not just how to come to God, but...

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What can we learn from the history of the Bible?

Jan 2, 2021 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: All through this week, at 9.45 each morning, Radio 4 is playing abridged excerpts from Professor John Barton’s book The History of the Bible. I have found it quite a mixed bag, with some helpful and interesting insights on the one hand, but also including some unhelpful and skewed opinions expressed as objective assessments (which they are not) mixed in. I previously commented on John Barton’s approach in reviewing an article in the Church Times earlier in the year here....

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WEA head: Biblical illiteracy ‘utmost problem’ facing global evangelicalism

Dec 20, 2020 by

By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post: The biggest crisis facing the evangelical, global church today is the growing lack of biblical literacy worldwide, according to Thomas Schirrmacher, the newly elected secretary-general of the World Evangelical Alliance. “Our biggest problem is that Bible knowledge is fading away,” Schirrmacher told The Christian Post. “This is the utmost problem we have beyond all theological differences, financial problems, and political questions.” Schirrmacher,...

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John 1:1-18 from Around the World!

Dec 18, 2020 by

from Gafcon: As we head into the Christmas season with many churches still meeting online, we want to bring the Gafcon family together again to celebrate the Word made flesh. We hope and pray that you know the unity of the Spirit as you watch members of Gafcon reading John chapter 1, just as at Pentecost when our video of the Nicene Creed read by Gafcon was so well received and used far and wide in churches around the world. During the current season of Advent, we have been thinking and...

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Entire Bible translated into 700 languages; 5.7 billion people now have access to Scripture

Dec 13, 2020 by

By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post: The Bible has been translated in its entirety into more than 700 different languages, meaning that over 5.7 billion people now have both the Old and New Testaments in their native tongue. According to Wycliffe Bible Translations, the milestone was reached in recent weeks. The 700 total involves complete Bibles with all 66 books translated. James Poole, executive director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, said the milestone “represents the tremendous work...

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