Douglas Murray’s War on the West—A Review

Jun 25, 2022 by

by Gisa Tunbridge, Quillette: […]  Fortunately, Murray’s new book War on the West steers clear of the humourless gloom so typical of other “Spenglerian” works, which take as their theme the notion that Western culture is imperilled....

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‘Feminists are wrong to oppose marriage’

Jun 9, 2022 by

from spiked: Louise Perry on how woke, liberal feminism has failed women. Women’s freedom was the great promise of the sexual revolution. Freedom from oppressive, traditional codes of behaviour. Freedom to choose when to start a family,...

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50 Short Books Packed with Wisdom

Jun 6, 2022 by

by Brett McCracken, TGC: Reading good books is essential for the cultivation of Christian wisdom. It’s an obvious enough point, but it bears repeating. “It matters a good deal that your book-food be strong meat,” Amy Carmichael wrote (in...

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Onward, Christian soldiers in the war on woke

May 30, 2022 by

by Stuart Major, TCW: THE Irreverend podcast is always worth listening to. For the uninitiated, picture three conservative-minded C of E vicars (no, seriously) wisely and whimsically debating faith and current affairs. The show has...

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With God on their Side – review

May 26, 2022 by

BLOOD AND FIRE Opposition to Christian faith is nothing new. James Gardner, a local historian of the south coast of England, carefully documents the organised opposition to the work of the Salvation Army by ‘the Skeleton Army’ in towns...

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What are the main problems with contemporary secular culture, and why?

May 20, 2022 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: “In late 2020, while the world was on lockdown due to Covid-19, Carl Trueman published one of the most important books of the past several decades”. So begins Ryan Anderson in his foreword to...

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