Ireland and the loss of faith

Nov 27, 2022 by

By Francis Phillips, TCW: , by Mary Kenny; Columba Books. WHEN we consider the disappearance of shared values today in this country – and in the West generally – as well as the widespread collapse in belief and practice of the Christian...

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Preach the Word and Don’t Get Played

Nov 17, 2022 by

by Steve Bateman, TGC: Review: ‘Letter to the American Church’ by Eric Metaxas: Eric Metaxas has written a provocative book for a large audience. In Letter to the American Church, he assumes a prophetic role—the American church, he warns,...

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Book review: Religion often mattered more than politics for Prime Ministers from Balfour to Blair

Nov 12, 2022 by

by Andrew Gimson, Conservative Home: God in Number 10: The Personal Faith of the Prime Ministers, from Balfour to Blair by Mark Vickers Anyone interested in politics and religion should get this book. Mark Vickers examines a subject, the...

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The Donkey, the Elephant, or the Lamb?

Nov 9, 2022 by

by Marvin Olasky, TGC: Review: ‘Truth Over Tribe’ by Patrick Miller and Keith Simon. In 2017, Britain’s Tim Farron resigned from his post as Liberal Democrats party leader. Until then he’d followed his party’s position that favored...

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Facing the Adversary World of the Sexual Revolution

Nov 8, 2022 by

by Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism: Earlier articles two years ago reviewed church historian and Grove City College professor Carl Trueman’s discussion of his incisive and popular book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. His most...

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Augustine Could’ve Written ‘City of God’ in 2022

Nov 7, 2022 by

by Chris Watkin, TGC: Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar. Society is divided into die-hard factions that seem to do little but shout at each other. A self-congratulatory rhetoric of freedom and openness thinly veils a dogmatic,...

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