That Hideous Strength

Jul 7, 2020 by

Book Review:  A Deeper Look at How the West was Lost by Melvin Tinker: In 2018 EP published the original That Hideous Strength: how the West was lost; the book originated as lecture notes author Melvin Tinker prepared for a conference in Jerusalem that year. That edition deliberately had no footnotes and was as compact as possible to appeal to a wide audience. There have been many requests for a footnoted and expanded edition. This book is an expanded version of the previous edition—it is...

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The Problem of Human Rights

Jun 2, 2020 by

by Carson Holloway, Public Discourse: For the considerable body of people in the western world who still believe in self-government, and in the preservation of their nations’ traditional moral identities, the overreaching of the contemporary human rights project will perhaps lead them to reconsider natural law, presented in a prudently modest formulation. This is a crucial undertaking to which Pierre Manent’s new book is a worthy contribution. It takes a bold man to offer public criticism of...

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Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization—A Review

May 6, 2020 by

by Adam Wakeling, Quillette: A review of Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization by Samuel Gregg, Gateway Editions (June 2019) 256 pages. The role of Christianity in Western history presents an interesting puzzle. Those who argue that Christianity has nothing to do with the success of the modern West need to explain why the scientific method, constitutional government, market economics, and the modern concept of human rights arose in Christian Europe rather than somewhere...

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Renowned Anglican Theologian & Historian Weighs the future of Orthodox Anglicanism

May 2, 2020 by

by David W Virtue, Virtueonline: Progressives who embrace gay marriage worship another Jesus, a different gospel, and proclaim another Spirit. These are not two ways of being Christian; they are two religions worshipping different gods. David W. Virtue interviewed the Rev. Dr. Gerald McDermott on the occasion of his new book on THE FUTURE OF ORTHODOX ANGLICANISM. VOL: You are a trained Anglican theologian and historian recently teaching at Beeson Divinity School where you have been for the...

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Talking about dying

Mar 22, 2020 by

For the first time in over fifty years people are having to face directly their own mortality, or at least that of someone they love dearly. The first thing Prime Minister Johnston spoke of in addressing the nation about the measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic was that sadly, people would lose someone they loved. The BBC reports Coronavirus: Doctors urge conversations about dying An important online resource has recently become available It does what it says...

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Conservatism is dying: the liberals have won

Mar 7, 2020 by

by Andrew Gimson, Conservative Home: Book Review: Small Men on the Wrong Side of History: The Decline, Fall and Unlikely Return of Conservatism by Ed West. Ed West finds himself in a predicament familiar to many conservatives who live in the trendier parts of London, and in various other places too. A few months before his 40th birthday, it dawned on him that “my worldview is dying”, for no one he knows is “becoming more conservative”. Instead they are becoming more left-wing. Whole fields,...

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