Sex pests, telling tales and censorship – the modern student’s zero-tolerance agenda

Apr 4, 2018 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, The Conservative Woman: A couple of weeks ago Jane Kelly on TCW pointed out a worrying tendency by police and prosecutors to overplay trivial sexual misdemeanours, with the result that (for example) a man who made a clumsy pass ends up with rapists and pederasts on the sex...

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Britain’s flawed definition of extremism is storing up trouble

Mar 24, 2018 by

by Douglas Murray, Spectator: Is Allah gay? The eventuality – as Jeeves might say – would seem to be a remote one. If such a being as Allah did exist and was gay then no harm could come from stating the fact. If such a being as Allah exists and is not gay then Allah would presumably be big enough...

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Why is it okay to censor Christians?

Feb 13, 2018 by

by Luke Gittos, spiked: One of the UK’s largest cinema chains, Vue, refused to screen a film premiere at one of its outlets last week. The film, called Voices of the Silenced, was produced by the Core Issues Trust, and explores the extent to which Christians feel under severe pressure to conform...

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Why the ex-gay movement provokes rage and censorship

Feb 10, 2018 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: In the light of Vue Cinemas cancelling the premiere of ‘Voices of the Silenced’, Carys Moseley looks at the fervent opposition to the ex-gay movement and shows the need for the freedom to seek help for unwanted same-sex attraction. This week the...

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Teacher fired, reported to counter-terrorism agency after telling lesbian student ‘God loves you’

Feb 6, 2018 by

from LifeSite: A government-funded pre-apprenticeship academy in Bristol reported a Christian teacher as a “radicalisation threat” for answering students’ questions about her beliefs, Bristol Employment Tribunal has heard. Svetlana Powell, a teacher of some 17 years’ experience, told the Tribunal...

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Safeguarding free speech, the LGBT censor-in-chief

Jan 12, 2018 by

by Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman: Guess what! You couldn’t make it up – except you could. The student panel which will advise the new university watchdog on free speech has appointed the delightful Mr Ben Hunt to join it. If you don’t know who I am talking about, this is the free-minded...

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