Nottingham University’s illiberal censorship of Christianity

Sep 6, 2021 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Christian Today: Not everyone is aware that it was the Catholic Church that invented and gave birth to the university. The values that Christendom infused the university quest for knowledge with led to an explosion of scientific discovery that became the scientific revolution. However, slowly but surely, the strain on the mooring rope that tethered to the university project a search for universal philosophical and empirical truth has been stretched further and further...

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The Equality Act: a blasphemy law by the backdoor

Jul 22, 2021 by

by Laurence Fox, spiked: Making religion a ‘protected characteristic’ has emboldened censorious Islamists. Never before in my lifetime has language been so weaponised. Never have I seen so much suppression of free speech, so much censorship of perfectly moderate opinions, and, perhaps most perniciously, so much self-censorship. New speech codes are constantly being forced on to everyday parlance. Gender reassignment, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, the definitions of gender, climate...

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Why the corporate boycott of GB News is bad news for the Church

Jun 19, 2021 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: I confess. I did it. I switched on. I watched. Sure, there were some things I didn’t like about it (e.g. the dark background), but I found it quite addictive.I’m talking about GB News, the latest news channel in the UK (and worldwide on the internet) which is threatening to rival the BBC, ITV and Sky. I don’t even have the excuse of not knowing what it was about – unlike some companies who apparently advertised on GB News without knowing...

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Fighting back against the censors

Jun 10, 2021 by

by Dan Hitchens, The Critic: The groups who are taking the battle for free speech forward by speaking truth to power. Over the last decade, Britain’s free speech advocates have faced a frustrating puzzle. They seem to have the public on their side: a ComRes poll earlier this year found that half the population agrees with the statement “Free speech is under threat”, and less than a quarter disagrees. The government, too, seems sympathetic. “Freedom of speech is at the core of our democracy,”...

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Could Nick Clegg and Big Tech team up to censor marriage beliefs?

Jun 3, 2021 by

by Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage: The Government is to introduce an Online Safety Bill requiring social media companies to restrict “legal but harmful” content. Even before the Bill’s publication, commercial organisations like Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter are being accused of censoring opinions they don’t agree with. No more so than over transgender ideology, where so often only one opinion is permitted to be heard. We don’t want beliefs in favour of real marriage to be banned by...

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A Review of ‘Cancel Culture’ Edited by Kevin Donnelly

Apr 28, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Wilkinson Publishing, 2021. This new volume on cancerous cancel culture is essential reading: Just as I started writing this review, I happened upon a news item about enraged parents who discovered that their boys at a Melbourne secondary school had been labelled as “oppressors” for being, male, white and Christian. Their crime was simply to exist and to fall afoul of the leftist lynch mob. As Rowan Atkinson recently said: The problem we have online is that...

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