Meet the World’s Fastest-Growing Evangelical Movement

Feb 9, 2021 by

By Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, The Gospel Coalition: […] While official reports still claim that 99.4 percent of Iranians practice Islam, a 2020 survey found that just 40 percent actually identify as Muslim. An even larger number—about 47 percent—said they were “nones,” atheists, spiritual, agnostic, or humanist. Another 8 percent claim Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion. And a small sliver—1.5 percent—said they were Christians. “About 20 years ago, the number of Christian converts from a...

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John Stott: What every Christian should know about this unlikely radical

Feb 8, 2021 by

by Paul Woolley, Premier: As we approach the centenary of John Stott’s birth, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the global impact of this Anglican priest and theologian The reaction to John Stott’s death in 2011 at the age of 90 was extraordinary. The news was covered on the BBC, in every UK broadsheet and across the world’s media, including The New York Times. The Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, Rowan Williams, noted that: “The death of John Stott will be mourned by countless Christians...

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Christians must utilize storytelling, persuasiveness and courage to engage hostile culture

Feb 7, 2021 by

by Brandon Showalter, Christian Post: Amid an increasingly hostile political culture, scholar Ryan Anderson is urging Christians to utilize the power of storytelling while demonstrating courage and persuasiveness. In an interview with The Christian Post, the newly-appointed president of the Washington-based Ethics & Public Policy Center, who was formerly with the Heritage Foundation, emphasized that the most important virtues for Christians to have as they contend for what is good and true...

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Crisis of faith

Feb 1, 2021 by

by Jamie Dean, World News: How can Christians prevent political passion from turning to unholy furor? On the morning after the Capitol Hill riots, preacher Jeremiah Johnson posted a public apology on his namesake ministry’s website: “I would like to repent for inaccurately prophesying that Donald Trump would win a second term as the President of the United States.” A month before the 2020 elections, Johnson said he had a dream with three parts: Amy Coney Barrett would be confirmed to the...

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HuffPost blaming Christian curriculum for Capitol riots is slanderous

Jan 29, 2021 by

by By Adam Rondeau, Emory Thompson, and Angel Parrish, Christian Post: Recently the Huffington Post ran an article that was extremely hostile to Christian education here in the United States. The overall implication of the article was that the January 6 rioting at the Capitol building was directly tied to the government allowing and possibly funding conservative Christian education in the US.  Specific curricula were cited and quoted (specifically, A-Beka, Bob Jones and Accelerated Christian...

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Why does China feel so threatened by Christians?

Jan 26, 2021 by

from Christian Today: Each January, Open Doors released its 2021 World Watch List of the 50 countries where Christians suffer the worst persecution. This year, China ranked 17th – the first time in a decade that the communist country has re-entered the top 20. The coronavirus pandemic made life hard enough for people, but for Christians there were additional pressures as the state increasingly used it as a pretext to increase surveillance and tighten its grip on churches. Dr Ron...

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