A Christian Critique of Secular Progressivism

May 9, 2020 by

by David Byrne, The Imaginative Conservative: The end of history concept—the belief that there will be an endpoint to social, intellectual, and political progress—is a powerful idea that pervades modern-day secular thought. The spread of gay rights, the rise of universal government-run health insurance, and environmental awareness has hubristically led “progressive” secularists to describe a coming “Age of Enlightenment” when Americans recognize the “truth” of left-wing values. Modern secular...

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How coronavirus is leading to a religious revival

Apr 28, 2020 by

By Sebastian Shehadi and Miriam Partington, New Statesman: As Covid-19 reminds us of life’s fragility, an increasing number of people are turning to faith and spirituality. orinna Camilleri was five years old when she began attending church in her hometown of Mdina, Malta. She remembers learning to recite prayers word for word from the Bible, many of which she still remembers today. “I always believed in a God,” says the London-based artist. “But looking at the coronavirus situation, I’m...

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Why communist and leftist governments hate Christianity

Apr 23, 2020 by

by Robin Schumacher, Christian Post: If you’re someone who thinks Christians aren’t persecuted much in today’s world, I have a challenge for you. Subscribe to Voice of the Martyrs magazine, read three issues, and then let me know if you’ve changed your opinion. The current VOM magazine (March 2020) provides an excellent reality check for those who believe Communism is on the way out and gives a drill down into recent activities in Communist China. After the cultural revolution (1966-76) that...

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Why can’t populists be Christians?

Apr 19, 2020 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman: I DO not intend to defend everything every populist leader has ever said or done. All leaders are flawed and many, populist or otherwise, do things that I, like others, would regard as authoritarian and immoral. The question though is not whether every action by a populist leader can be defended – it would be strange if it could – but whether there is something inherently misguided, unchristian, even sinister about populism that means Christians should...

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The Jesus Way: Learning to live the Christian life

Apr 18, 2020 by

Course designed by Dr Peter Walker enables participants to explore the basics of the Christian faith: The Jesus Way is for anyone who wants to follow Jesus but is not sure, or would like to be reminded of, the way. Based on two key chapters in the New Testament (Luke 24 and Acts 2) Dr Peter Walker will unpack the six important things that the Risen Jesus wanted his followers to focus on and then show you how his apostles passed these on in the days of the early church. So it’s an opportunity...

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Churches are closed but they can’t lock down our hope this Easter

Apr 11, 2020 by

by Bel Mooney, Mailonline: This is the strangest Easter of my adult life. Nothing is as it should be. Around the country, countless families like my own are sad because we are necessarily deprived of much that makes this time of year special — and (for a Christian) sacred. […]  It is so tempting to become angry in our confinement, to denounce Spring’s exuberance, to ask what’s the use? But let’s not give in to such feelings this Eastertide. That moon — sometimes called...

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