Christianity is about so much more than Christmas

Jan 3, 2023 by

by Giles Fraser, Telegraph: It may not be strictly true that Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas. He was too busy fighting a civil war to bother himself with the anti-Christmas legislation of 1644. But for his grim Puritan colleagues, the...

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The Forgotten Tragedies of the Christmas Story

Dec 30, 2022 by

By Matthew Kuchem, Public Discourse: Christ’s advent is an astonishing story of God’s power and light breaking into our darkness, doubt, and suffering. Scandal. Treason. Mass infanticide. Narrow escape. These are the elements of dark...

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Chesterton’s Christmas

Dec 29, 2022 by

by Collin Slowey, Public Discourse: In “The God in the Cave,” G.K, Chesterton explains that when Christians celebrate the Nativity, they are celebrating an event that changed the course of history and permanently transformed the DNA of...

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Christmas and Western Civilization

Dec 28, 2022 by

by Carson Holloway, Public Discourse: Though Christmas is a religious holiday, secularists should appreciate its great contribution to Western Civilization: the lesson that all men are equal in their fundamental human dignity. The holiday...

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God in the chaos

Dec 27, 2022 by

by Belle Tindall, Christian Today: […]  We read a lot of assumptions into the Nativity story. Want to know one of the most ingrained ones? I apologise in advance; this may well burst a plethora of nostalgic bubbles for you. There is...

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“Silent Night, Silent Guns”: a Review of Tim Demy’s book on the Christmas Truce of 1914

Dec 26, 2022 by

by Eric Patterson, Providence Magazine: Europe is once again at war.  The Ukraine-Russia war is part of the same geographical context of the last two great European wars, the intersection of Central and Eastern Europe, where Germans,...

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