Cuban Christians Connect Prayers to Protests

Jul 22, 2021 by

by Anna-Lee Stangl, Christianity Today: United more than ever across denominations, many evangelicals want “homeland and life” over “homeland or death.” A few days after Hurricane Elsa swept across the center of Cuba, Christians of all denominations joined in a nationwide day of prayer and fasting for their country on Wednesday, July 7. The call was made after months of increasing tension on the island amid severe scarcity of food and medicine and as the number of COVID-19 infections began to...

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A significant apology from the UK

Jul 18, 2021 by

by Michael Brown, Christian Post: As the ominous tide of cancel culture continues to rise in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world (such as Australia), it is all the more important to point to significant victories on behalf of freedom of speech. We can now report on one such victory from the U.K., a victory that is not just legal but also morally substantive. Put another way, what was said by way of apology was just as important as the victory won in court. Here’s the relevant...

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Communist China’s Genocidal Crackdown on Uyghur Intellectuals

Jul 4, 2021 by

by Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute: China’s genocide against its Uyghur ethnic minority in Xinjiang, also known as East Turkestan, presses on. Up to 1.8 million Uyghurs and other minorities have been detained in extrajudicial “re-education camps” where deaths, torture and political indoctrination take place. This genocidal campaign seems now specifically to be targeting Uyghur intellectuals. Hundreds have been taken into internment camps, disappeared or died in custody. Among...

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When a Free Society Becomes a Police State

Jun 28, 2021 by

by Bari Weiss: For 26 years, the pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily was a thorn in Beijing’s side. This week, the paper closed for good. What its death means for Hong Kong — and for us all.  By my lights, the most important news event of this past week was not the New York mayoral primary (my condolences to Andrew Yang). It wasn’t Bitcoin dropping below $30,000. And it certainly wasn’t the new bipartisan infrastructure deal announced by President Biden. It was the forced closure of Apple Daily,...

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St. Thomas More and the Masterpiece Cakeshop

Jun 25, 2021 by

by Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture: Jack Phillips has already been to the Supreme Court once, successfully defending his right to decline to bake a cake celebrating a same-sex union. Now he faces another lawsuit, this time for refusing to celebrate a ‘gender transition.’ St. Thomas More, whose feast we celebrated on Tuesday, was put to death because he would not affirm what he did not believe. His witness should be an inspiration to the many Christians who are today facing the same...

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North Korea and a Warning to the West

Jun 24, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: A defector from North Korea warns about the war on freedom in the West: Incredibly there have been a few brave souls that have actually managed to escape the godless hellhole and communist concentration camp that is North Korea. One of them is 27-year old Yeonmi Park. She has told her story in the 2015 book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom (Penguin). Although her book has been out for a while now, her story is again in the news, as...

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