The tragic racial politicizing of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Nov 23, 2021 by

by Michael Brown, Christian Post: As soon as the “not guilty” verdict was announced in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, I posted the news on Facebook and Twitter, asking readers if they agreed with the decision. The vast majority did agree, as the video evidence and verbal testimony pointed to Rittenhouse acting in self-defense. For others, however, this was another example of “white privilege” or “white supremacy.” And that, quite tragically, will be one of the lasting legacies of this case: it...

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The Plague of the Poor

Oct 9, 2021 by

by Alex Gutentag, Tablet Magazine: A dangerous COVID-era authoritarianism targets the most vulnerable—and threatens the foundation of democratic society. When President Joe Biden announced sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans, he stated that these measures were necessary to “protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.” But isn’t the vaccine itself supposed to be what protects the vaccinated? Not well enough, apparently. So whose interests are served by mandating...

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fter the betrayal of democracy in Afghanistan, will other countries in the region ever trust the West again?

Aug 22, 2021 by

by Michael Nazir Ali, Conservative Home: I was born and brought up in neighbouring Pakistan and ministered up and down the land during the first civil war in Afghanistan, when five million Afghans took refuge in Pakistan. I was involved in the Church’s efforts to relieve their sufferings and to provide educational and medical facilities for them. As Bishop of Raiwind, though, I warned both Pakistan and the West that the arming and training of extremist groups, from within Pakistan and...

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Critiquing gender ideology is not violent

Aug 20, 2021 by

from Christian Concern: Andrea Williams was invited to speak to the Italian Senate in June 2021 on how equality law affects freedom of speech and religious belief. She comments on how UK equality laws harm free speech by protecting some characteristics more than others. The United Kingdom is facing a free speech crisis, largely due to misguided equality laws. These laws lead to sex or gender identity being elevated above people’s beliefs or freedom of speech. These laws make trans and gay...

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‘Vindicated’ preacher to sue Met Police after hate speech case thrown out

Aug 11, 2021 by

by Hayley Dixon, Telegraph: A Christian preacher is set to sue the Metropolitan Police after being dragged through the courts despite officers acknowledging that her accuser had “goaded” her and she “refused to take the bait”. Hazel Lewis, 49, was arrested while preaching after passers-by falsely claimed that she had called for gays and non-believers to be stabbed. Despite providing officers with a recording of the afternoon, which they reviewed and found she had not used racist or...

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Cuban Christians Connect Prayers to Protests

Jul 22, 2021 by

by Anna-Lee Stangl, Christianity Today: United more than ever across denominations, many evangelicals want “homeland and life” over “homeland or death.” A few days after Hurricane Elsa swept across the center of Cuba, Christians of all denominations joined in a nationwide day of prayer and fasting for their country on Wednesday, July 7. The call was made after months of increasing tension on the island amid severe scarcity of food and medicine and as the number of COVID-19 infections began to...

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