Poll shows Scot Gov out of touch with voters on ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Sep 25, 2023 by

from The Christian Institute: The Scottish public have little appetite for banning so-called conversion therapy, an important new poll has shown. In a survey of voters in Scotland conducted by Whitestone Insight, just five per cent of...

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Conversion therapy ban likely to be shelved

Sep 24, 2023 by

by Harry Yorke, Sunday Times: A ban on conversion therapy is expected to be shelved by Rishi Sunak, five years after the Conservatives vowed to legislate against the practice. The government is expected to announce that the legislation...

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Proposed Conversion Therapy bans mired in uncertainty

Sep 20, 2023 by

by Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage: UK bans on ‘conversion therapy’ are beset with difficulties, as concerns grow about their potential impact on children and freedom of religion and belief. The Scottish Government has admitted it will...

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Will any CofE bishops speak out against Jayne Ozanne’s attack on parents?

Sep 16, 2023 by

by Julian Mann, Christian Today: The attack by gay Anglican activist Jayne Ozanne on parental rights in her campaign to ban conversion therapy should be a wake-up call to Christians who may be apathetic about the debate. Ms Ozanne, a...

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Conversion therapy ban to be delayed with officials ‘stuck in a loop’

Sep 15, 2023 by

by Daniel Martin, Telegraph: Draft Bill governing attempts to turn gay and transsexual people was due in November but has been described as ‘dead in the water’. Rishi Sunak is expected to delay a promised ban on conversion...

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SNP delays ban on conversion therapy amid warnings it could criminalise parent

Sep 14, 2023 by

by Daniel Martin, Telegraph: Opponents of the legislation fear adults could be punished if they question a child’s wish to change gender. The Scottish government has postponed a ban on conversion therapy amid fears it could...

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