Post Cass, it’s time to challenge the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy)

Aug 6, 2022 by

by Shelley Charlesworth, Transgender Trend: The landscape for the treatment of children and young people with gender distress has changed utterly over the last six months. The Cass Interim Report began the process in March, followed by...

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Biden’s LGBTQI+ Executive Order Seen by Some as an Attack on Civil Rights

Jul 24, 2022 by

by Steven Kovac, Epoch Times: In a 10-page executive order issued on June 15, President Joe Biden declared war on conversion therapy and pledged to defend the LGBTQI+ community from various forms of discrimination. The order, which was...

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Thinking theologically about the proposed ban on conversion therapy

Jul 8, 2022 by

by Martin Davie, Christian Today: In the Queen’s Speech delivered on her behalf by the Prince of Wales on 10 May this year it was announced that ‘Legislation will also be introduced to ban conversion therapy.’ This...

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Therapy: A Profession Captured?

May 31, 2022 by

by James Esses: As is now common knowledge, I am in the midst of a legal challenge against my former Masters’ degree provider, the Metanoia Institute. This is on the basis that I was discriminated against for my beliefs around sex/gender...

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Can you be a Christian without conversion?

May 27, 2022 by

from Let Us Pray: It seems supporters of the conversion therapy ban want to outlaw any kind of prayer or pastoral support which seeks to guide a person toward a biblical understanding of sexuality and identity. Activists say ‘any form...

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Church of Scotland General Assembly backs calls for ban on conversion therapy

May 25, 2022 by

from Christian Today: The governing body of the Church of Scotland has backed calls for a ban on conversion therapy. Meeting in Edinburgh on Tuesday, the General Assembly approved a statement endorsing the ‘Memorandum of...

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