Why police hands were tied in the case of the stabbed burglar

Apr 13, 2018 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, The Conservative Woman: Most TCW readers will have welcomed the decision to bring no charges against the Hither Green pensioner who, cornered in his kitchen by a thug armed with a screwdriver, somehow managed to kill the intruder. Most will also have few good words for the...

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Society’s dystopian trends and the church’s response

Apr 10, 2018 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Last week Britain was confronted with a series of headlines about out-of-control violence on the streets of London. While most of the killers and their victims are young, and knives are the weapons of choice, a drive-by shooting of a teenage girl on Easter...

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Ex-race chief makes controversial call for tougher policing in black communities hit by knife crime

Apr 8, 2018 by

by Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday: A controversial call for tougher policing in black communities hit by knife crime than in white areas with less violence has been made by the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality. In a move that is bound to provoke a fierce debate, lifelong community...

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This brave pensioner is a hero, not Public Enemy No. 1

Apr 6, 2018 by

by Richard Littlejohn, Mailonline: London’s murder rate has overtaken New York. Feral gangs now pose more of a threat to life and limb than terrorists. Social media is fuelling a bloody crime wave, claiming the lives of dozens of young people, including a 17-year-old girl gunned down on the...

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The Normalisation of Crime

Nov 20, 2017 by

by Toby Guise, Taki’s Magazine: […]  Although moral relativism may set the stage for some crimes, there are deeper eddies swirling into the harbors of Western civic life. First is the loss of trust in society’s ability to self-regulate. This is because self-regulating societies tend to...

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UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC… More Rape, More Robbery, More Violence

Oct 22, 2017 by

by Oliver J J Lane, Breitbart: The latest crime figures for England and Wales which show violent crimes against the person surging have thrown the particular problems of the nation’s capital city into harsh light, as it reveals the city is now more dangerous than the once-notorious New York City....

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