Big Brother Is Certainly Here Now

Mar 5, 2020 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: In the 1930s and 1940s two parallel movements were arising: cultural Marxism, and those warning about tyrannical statism. As to the latter, we had dystopian novels penned by Aldous Huxley (Brave New World – 1932) and George Orwell (Nineteen Eighty-Four – 1949). They could see where the totalitarians were taking us. As to cultural Marxism, last week in several capital cities I spoke about it and how it is using sex as a political weapon. I mentioned how the...

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Debunking the toxic masculinity myth

Feb 18, 2020 by

by Peter Whittle: Debunking the Toxic Masculinity Myth, & why masculinity is a positive thing : the latest edition of @NewCultureForum‘s CounterCulture is a great discussion with guests former MEP Martin Daubney, researcher and writer Belinda Brown, psychologist Dr John Barry and historian and broadcaster Rafe Heydel. 

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A Christian conservative reflection on the anti-woke rebellion

Jan 22, 2020 by

by Julian Mann, Anglican Ink: Anti-woke rebels such as the comedian Ricky Gervais, the actor and musician Laurence Fox, and the writer Douglas Murray may be a breath of fresh air in a stultifying neo-Stalinist atmosphere but social conservatives inspired by Christianity surely ought to be clear in their minds that our enemy’s enemy is not necessarily our friend. The new anti-wokeists object to the authoritarianism and hypocrisy of the socially Marxist establishment in Hollywood, in the BBC,...

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Lessons from 2018: the year of uncivil society

Dec 30, 2019 by

by Mary Harrington, UnHerd: We mustn’t let ‘policy laundering’ stifle public opinion. The year 2018 was not just a year of royal weddings and Russian extra-judicial killings. It was also the year our polite official consensus on what civil society is — or wants — was challenged by new movements from outside the ideological mainstream. It was the year of uncivil society. And it holds lessons for the future. What is uncivil society? First, let’s define its more familiar cousin,...

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Cultural Marxism: Imaginary Conspiracy or Revolutionary Reality?

Dec 12, 2019 by

by Robert E Smith, The Gospel Coalition: What are we to make of Cultural Marxism? This article seeks to answer that question, first, by outlining the key elements and legacy of classical Marxism; second, by exploring the neo-Marxism of Antonio Gramsci; third, by assessing the main ideas and impact of “the Frankfurt School”; and, fourth, by offering some reflections on (i) the links between these thinkers and various contemporary developments, (ii) the wisdom of employing the term Cultural...

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Gramsci, Cultural Marxism and the cost of dismantling the natural family

Nov 7, 2019 by

by Roger Kiska, Christian Legal Centre: The emergence of identity politics in Western Europe has come swiftly and aggressively. Identity politics, in essence, politicises and priorities certain ‘minority’ characteristics such as race, class, sexual orientation and religion; weaponising them against traditional norms. While many attribute this phenomenon to the ideology of intersectionality (a philosophy which likewise tribalises people using these same labels by suggesting that culturally...

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