The Equality Act and the Future of Religious Freedom

May 5, 2021 by

by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC: For the past few months, American Christian commentators have watched the Equality Act (Amendment HR5) make its way through Congress. The Act presents a serious challenge to religious freedom and directly affects the rights of Christians and other religious worshippers to express beliefs that may be contradictory to the cultural zeitgeist and are deemed discriminatory. In a recent podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Rich Baker, a Christian attorney who...

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Blackpool Council broke the law when it punished a charity for opposing same-sex marriage

Apr 24, 2021 by

from Coalition for Marriage: A court has ruled that Blackpool Council breached equality and human rights law when it banned bus adverts for an event because the main speaker did not agree with same-sex marriage. The council argued that the adverts for the event, Lancashire Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham, caused offence to members of the public because of the reference to Franklin Graham, who has been vocal in opposing same-sex marriage. However, Her Honour Judge Claire Evans criticised...

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Ministry Leaders’ Urgent Appeal: Unite to Eradicate the Equality Act

Apr 14, 2021 by

from Charisma Magazine: Imagine you’re invited to a high-level, closed door meeting with some of God’s “generals.” They want to put you on “red alert,” so you’ll engage immediately on one of the most critical legislative proposals in our history. Franklin Graham, Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Dr. Michael Brown, Lou Engle and other influential Black, Hispanic, evangelical, charismatic and denominational leaders appeal for your help to eradicate the...

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Protect Both Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights: Support the Fairness For All Act, Not the Equality Act

Apr 7, 2021 by

By Elder Jack N. Gerard, Public Discourse: The time has come for people of faith to acknowledge reality and seek a resolution that protects both LGBT civil rights and religious liberty. The Fairness For All Act is a serious effort to reach a sustainable and balanced resolution while there’s still time. People and institutions with traditional religious beliefs about marriage, family, gender, and sexuality face unprecedented challenges. The culture is rapidly becoming more secular as...

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The Equality Act and the rise of the Anti-Theological State

Mar 16, 2021 by

by R Albert Mohler Jr, Public Discourse: The passage of the Equality Act would mean the death of religious liberty. It would force all religious institutions and citizens to prove to the government’s satisfaction that their convictions merit constitutional protection. Will America sacrifice religious freedom for the sake of newly constructed sexual and gender identity liberties? We will know the answer to that question in short order, and the prospects for preserving religious liberty hang in...

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Equality without Windows

Mar 13, 2021 by

by Donald DeMarco, Crisis Magazine: […]  The new notion of the equality between the sexes is exceedingly narrow. It is equality without windows. Men and women are certainly equal, but only in some ways. They are equal in humanity and equal under the law, to cite but two examples. But their equality has an altruistic side to it, which is akin to looking out the window and seeing a vast array of things. Equality is not incompatible with complementarity. In fact, and throughout history,...

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