We’re still a way from equality, says Germany’s first LGBTQ+ commissioner

Jan 14, 2022 by

By Fanny Brodersen, Reuters: As Germany’s first ever LGBTQ+ commissioner, a role created under the new coalition government’s plans for cultural modernisation, Sven Lehmann believes he has his work cut out. The 42-year-old, a...

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Tutufication is not the solution to division and oppression

Jan 3, 2022 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Canon Mark Oakley wrote to the Times over the weekend with a plea for the Church of England to adopt Tutufication: It is an interesting thesis, not least because quite a few bishops will read this and think, ‘I’m...

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It’s time we championed the family unit rather than divisive American identity politics

Dec 14, 2021 by

by Dr Rakib Ehsan, Mail+: Developing a reputation as an ‘anti-woke’ trailblazer taking on the forces of tribal identity politics and political correctness, Conservative MP Kemi Badenoch is clearly on a mission to change how we do equality...

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Jordan Peterson and the fight for Truth & Freedom against Equality and Death

Dec 2, 2021 by

by Gavin Ashenden: Last week, I spent a day in in a seminar in Cambridge with Professor Jordan Peterson. He had been cancelled from speaking or teaching a year or so ago. This was event was seminar of a group of about nine academics who...

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Why does the NHS need diversity managers?

Sep 1, 2021 by

by Fraser Myers, spiked: The NHS is often thought of as Britain’s state religion. However, there is a new set of official values noisily taking over our institutions. Although the drive for ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ has animated...

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The Equality Act: a blasphemy law by the backdoor

Jul 22, 2021 by

by Laurence Fox, spiked: Making religion a ‘protected characteristic’ has emboldened censorious Islamists. Never before in my lifetime has language been so weaponised. Never have I seen so much suppression of free speech, so much...

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