My father’s merciful death taught me a heart-rending truth: compassion matters more than the law

Apr 20, 2019 by

by Tom Utley, Mailonline: On my father’s death certificate, it says he died of ‘carcinoma lymphoma with multiple metastases’. In layman’s language, that’s cancer of the lymphatic system, with secondary tumours on his lungs, liver and elsewhere. Now, I’m no expert, but I reckon that this entry in the official records is not strictly true. If my guess is right, the immediate cause of my beloved father’s death was a large dose of a painkiller — some form of morphine, if I remember rightly —...

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Grave new world of the hospital executioner

Mar 24, 2019 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman: JUDGING by the results of the Royal College of Physicians’ survey of its members on ‘assisted dying’, the moral world British hospital doctors inhabit would seem to be shifting towards the creepy hedonistic dystopia Aldous Huxley portrayed in his 1932 novel Brave New World. The RCP Council’s decision to conduct the survey after announcing in January a ‘neutral stance’ on euthanasia was controversial. The evidence of that was in the correspondence last...

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Royal College of Physicians drops their opposition to assisted dying, following controversial poll

Mar 22, 2019 by

by Laura Donnelly, Telegraph: The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has dropped its opposition to assisted dying, following a controversial poll. The college will adopt a “neutral” stance after a survey of its 36,000 members about whether the law should be changed to permit doctor-assisted dying. The poll found 43.4 per cent of respondents were opposed to a change in the law – little different to a finding of 44.4 per cent when the poll was conducted in 2014. The number wanting the...

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Belgium Euthanized 2357 People Last Year, Including Dozens of Mentally Disabled Patients

Mar 6, 2019 by

from Life News: The 2018 Belgian euthanasia report, released on February 28, indicates that in 2018 there were 2357 reported assisted deaths, up from 2309. The report suggests that the number of deaths are stable. There were 954 reported assisted deaths in 2010 representing a 247% increase in 8 years. Belgian 2017 euthanasia report. Deaths continue to increase and children are dying by euthanasia. The slowed growth in euthanasia deaths is likely based on the courts agreeing to examine some of...

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1500 doctors write to protest RCP plan to tacitly support assisted suicide

Feb 11, 2019 by

from SPUC: “We are calling on the College to abandon this survey and instead, if it so desires, to conduct polling in the fair and democratic way it has approached previous polls on this issue.” Nearly 1500 medics have signed an open letter opposing attempts by the Royal College of Physicians to drop its historic opposition to assisted suicide. Last month, the RCP announced that it would poll its members on their position on assisted suicide – but said that it would...

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Can we be trusted with euthanasia?

Feb 10, 2019 by

by Ian Birrell, UnHerd: It is largely accepted in the modern democratic world that people have the right to do as they determine with their bodies and their lives. We permit competent adults to make many important choices such as sleeping with whom they want, altering their appearance with cosmetic surgery, having an abortion or changing gender. Many things that were once taboo have rapidly become normalised. So should we let individuals make the ultimate decision: to control the timing and...

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