Dutch court acquits doctor who sedated and euthanised dementia patient without consent

Sep 13, 2019 by

from SPUC: “Euthanasia legislation in the Netherlands, as elsewhere, corrupts both medical and legal practice.” A Dutch doctor who sedated a woman with dementia and had her family hold her down so that she could be euthanised by lethal injection has been acquitted of murder. The Court in the Hague found that the unnamed doctor had acted with due care and fulfilled the criteria of the Netherlands’ euthanasia law. Alex Schadenburg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition warns that the...

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Resisting assisted suicide, for the sake of the vulnerable

Sep 12, 2019 by

by Gavin Ashenden: When I heard that I was going to have the opportunity of debating the issue of euthanasia and assisted dying with Silvan Luley, a lawyer and a Director of the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, I was very pleased and looked forward to meeting him and what I would learn from our encounter.  I wasn’t disappointed, Silvan turned out to be a clever, principled and very civilised exponent of the work of the clinic.  As I listened to him putting the case for assisted dying I found...

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Fear used to push assisted suicide as Dignity in Dying make fresh demands

Sep 4, 2019 by

from SPUC: ‘Pro-suicide advocates’, Dignity in Dying Scotland, have made fresh demands, calling for the widespread introduction of assisted suicide as they allege 11 Scots a week can expect a ‘bad death.’ According to a new report produced by Dignity in Dying Scotland, 11 terminally ill Scots could ”suffer intolerably” in their final weeks and months. As a result of these claims, the campaigning group has called for the legalisation of assisted suicide. Dignity in Dying Director, Ally...

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Creator of the ‘suicide pod’ has devised a video service so he can watch people kill themselves

Aug 15, 2019 by

from SPUC: Dr Phillip Nitschke, inventor of the suicide pod, which gasses patients to death, has created a video service so he can watch people kill themselves in real-time. Nitschke, also known as ‘Dr Death’, is the founder of pro-euthanasia group, Exit International. According to the Daily Mail, Nitschke has claimed that the video service, which allows him to watch people commit suicide in real-time, will improve the quality of assisted dying. Nitschke said: “This is all very new. Some...

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Is killing the disabled ‘eugenics’, or just a merciful release?

Jul 29, 2019 by

by Michael Cook, MercatorNet: Eugenics is not a word to be trifled with. It evokes the horror of Nazi atrocities during World War II as well as widespread human rights violations in the early part of the 20th Century in the United States, Canada and some European countries. But, contend the authors of a special issue of the Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, killing the disabled because they are disabled must be called eugenics. The authors cover a number of areas,...

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Euthanasia laws are slowly but surely expanding to include everyone

Jul 27, 2019 by

by Alex Schadenberg, LifeSite: Oregon Governor Kate Brown agreed to expand the assisted suicide law by signing Bill SB 0579 into law. This bill, essentially, eliminates the 15 day waiting period to die by assisted suicide, a safeguard that was designed to assure that the person has an opportunity to change his mind. Proponents of the bill argued that the bill applies only to people with less than 15 days to live, and yet, it is difficult to know whether someone has less than 15 days to live....

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