The politicisation of grief makes us all alone

Jul 12, 2017 by

by Jane Kelly, TCW: As presenter of the BBC’s Any Questions, David Jacobs once worried that women panellists were not always strong enough to deal with tough debate. He’d seen them sometimes close to tears. What would he have made of Jack Monroe, who describes herself on Twitter as, ‘Chronicler of...

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Scripture, Authority, Inspiration and Culture

May 2, 2017 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Some recent articles I did on the role of women in leadership (in the church and at home), and on head coverings, not surprisingly unleashed a torrent of heated debate. While such issues are certainly important, they are, in a sense, secondary matters, not...

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Traditional masculinity is a shield against State power

May 1, 2017 by

by Jason Newman, TCW: “We must redefine masculinity”. This is now the war cry from the gender feminists and those on the regressive left. Of course, this is postmodernist newspeak for, “make men act like women.” Unlike the useful idiots who awarded Bruce Jenner woman of the year, I (like many)...

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Europe is dying on its feet, but mass immigration is not the answer

Apr 7, 2017 by

by David Kurten, TCW: While the EU flounders from crisis to crisis, whether it is to do with Greek debt or rising crime in Germany and Sweden, Europe as a whole is facing a problem that attracts much less attention. It is dying on its feet, as an even cursory glance at its current demographic...

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Gains in women’s rights haven’t made women happier. Why is that?

Mar 20, 2017 by

by Anna Petherick, Guardian: Women are outliving men in every country in the world, despite facing higher levels of poverty than men, greater odds of encountering sexual violence and many additional, diverse forms of discrimination. But while women are living longer, it’s unclear whether their...

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This worrying step towards ‘gendercide’

Mar 19, 2017 by

Mail on Sunday editorial: In many parts of the world, sex-selective abortion is so widespread that it is known as ‘gendercide’. Prejudice against female babies has resulted in a mass cull of girls in the womb which will blight those societies for decades. Surely we do not wish to risk such a...

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