Spanish Anglican Church has not taken “any decision” on the blessing of same-sex couples

Mar 28, 2023 by

from Evangelical Focus: Commenting on the decision of other national churches would be “disrespectful”, says Bishop Carlos Lopez of the IERE. The bishop of the Anglican Church in Spain believes that the Church of England’s decision to...

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Evangelical Alliance expects more Anglican churches to join over CofE gay blessings

Mar 27, 2023 by

from Christian Today: The head of the Evangelical Alliance, Gavin Calver, believes the organisation may see a growth in membership as the Church of England moves ahead with divisive plans to bless same-sex couples. In an interview for the...

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Many LGBTQ Christians oppose doctrinal reform

Mar 26, 2023 by

from Financial Times: Letter from Luke Appleton: I have now read two pieces advocating for doctrinal change in the Church of England (“Episcopalian lessons for the Church of England”, Opinion, February 25; and “Church of England...

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Meeting of College of Bishops March 23, 2023

Mar 24, 2023 by

from The Church of England: The College of Bishops met on Thursday to continue considering next steps for the Church of England following the recent debate at General Synod on identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. Last month’s...

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Justin Welby’s gay marriage troubles could be about to get worse

Mar 18, 2023 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, Spectator: After the hash the Church of England has made of the issue of same-sex marriage, a group of MPs led by long-standing churchman Ben Bradshaw has hatched a plan to pull the Anglican chestnuts out of the...

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Rome Seeks ‘Dialogue’ as Bishops Act on Gay Blessings

Mar 17, 2023 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant: Pope Francis remains silent on heretical resolutions as errant priests escape sanctions. As Pope Francis remains silent on the potential schism rocking the Catholic Church, German bishops have begun to...

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