ENGLAND: Transgendered Woman Priest leads official Online Sunday Service

May 3, 2021 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline: Rachel Mann, a transgender woman priest who belongs to the liberal Catholic wing of the Church of England and who fully supports the full inclusion of LGBT practitioners, was recently the voice and face of the Church of England in an Easter online service designed to reach thousands of stay-at-home Anglicans. The Church of England’s pastoral guidance for clergy on transgenderism revealed this; “The Church of England welcomes and encourages the...

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Why Maya Forstater must win

May 1, 2021 by

by Jo Bartosch, spiked: This is about defending the right to say that biological sex is real. Watching an Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) sounds about as exciting as going to a data-protection conference in Milton Keynes. But yesterday’s Forstater v CGDE was riveting, covering everything from fundamental human rights to existential states of being. At points, the courtroom drama moved into the realms of farce, with sober and straight-faced barristers debating the proposition that people are...

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Primary school headteacher in Birmingham bans ‘damaging sexist’ phrases like ‘boys and girls’

Apr 30, 2021 by

by Kate Plummer, Independent: A Birmingham primary school has banned phrases like “man up” and “good morning boys and girls” due to concerns that they are sexist. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Sarah Hewitt Clarkson, the headteacher of Anderton Park Primary, said the phrase “good morning everyone” should be used instead of “boys and girls” because it does not create a gender divide and includes those people who might not identify as either sex. She said: “Of course we use the words boys and...

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Cancel culture comes after famed atheist Richard Dawkins

Apr 23, 2021 by

By Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite: The radicalism of young progressives is jarring to the elderly liberals who did the hard work of clearing God and Christianity out of the way, mainstreaming the redefinition of marriage, and championing abortion. The culture wars of the 2020s are creating some strange bedfellows. J.K. Rowling, the author of a series of books Christian parents treated with healthy suspicion, has come out against the trans ideologues along with a litany of other beleaguered...

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Maya Forstater appeals for the legal right to say: ‘male and female he created them’

Apr 19, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Maya Forstater is a researcher. She was employed as a Visiting Fellow with a consultancy contract at the Centre for Global Development (working on international tax). In March 2019 she lost her job after having written and tweeted about about gender self-identification and the conflation of sex and gender in response to the Government’s proposal for gender self-identification. She took her case to an Employment Tribunal, where a judge determined that the belief that sex...

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The fundamental flaw in gender theory

Apr 16, 2021 by

By Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman: THE Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the antipodean equivalent of the BBC, and recently on its prime current affairs show Q&A one of the Scott Morrison government’s high-profile politicians, Trent Zimmerman, sounded more like a cultural-Left radical than a Liberal Party politician committed to a conservative agenda. When discussing gender and religion Zimmerman argued: ‘Any person should be able to decide what future they want for...

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