Women in Scotland risk having their rights virtue-signalled away

Dec 15, 2020 by

By Josephine Bartosch, The Critic: It isn’t just the English who don’t like to talk about “sex”, it seems the Scots are also somewhat reluctant to be honest about what’s under their sporrans. We live in relatively liberal times, and whether someone identifies their gender as transman, transwoman or non-binary haggis is a matter of personal choice. But whether we like it or not, society is still divided by sex and as such it is sometimes necessary to know whether someone is male or female. The...

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Sex, gender and gender identity: a re-evaluation of the evidence

Jul 22, 2020 by

Paper written by Lucy Griffin, Katie Clyde, Richard Byng and Susan Bewley: Summary. In the past decade there has been a rapid increase in gender diversity, particularly in children and young people, with referrals to specialist gender clinics rising. In this article, the evolving terminology around transgender health is considered and the role of psychiatry is explored now that this condition is no longer classified as a mental illness. The concept of conversion therapy with reference to...

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The distinction between the sexes is real. And the Government must uphold it.

Jul 16, 2020 by

by Danny Kruger, Conservative Home: The politics of sex and gender is a minefield, made more dangerous by a great confusion of language. But at root the issues are straightforward, and the Government should gently but clearly assert the truth. Two facts need stating. First: gender is no business of the state. Gender is the complex, psycho-social construction we build on the foundation of our immutable sexual biology. For most of us, our gender conforms to our sex. A small number of people,...

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LGBT orgs sue Trump for axing Obama-era funding of ‘sex changes’

Jun 24, 2020 by

by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite: Several pro-LGBT pressure organizations filed a federal lawsuit Monday in hopes of reversing the Trump administration’s decision to roll back an Obama-era regulation that would allow healthcare providers that receive federal funds to perform “gender transition” operations and abortions. In May 2016, the Obama administration redefined “sex discrimination” under the so-called Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) to include an individual’s “internal...

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A basic Christian primer on sex, marriage and family life. Article 10 – Intersex and Transgender

Apr 27, 2020 by

by Martin Davie: In the remaining four articles in this basic Christian primer series we shall be considering four issues which raise challenges for traditional Christian sexual ethics. These issues are intersex and transgender, sex outside marriage, divorce and re-marriage and birth control and infertility treatment. In each article we shall consider the challenges that these issues pose to traditional Christian sexual ethics and how Christians should respond to these challenges, both...

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COVID-19’s Gender Gap

Apr 26, 2020 by

by John Barry, Quillette: When Hilary Clinton said in 1998 that “women have always been the primary victims of war,” it sent a chill down the spine of many. It is a questionable piece of emotional accounting to calculate that, even though men die in greater numbers than women—often after being drafted unwillingly into combat—the impact on women is greater because they lose male relatives, become refugees, and are left with the responsibility of raising children alone. But if you think...

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