Some hatreds are more evil than others

May 10, 2022 by

by Andrew Devine, TCW: ONE of the dominant trends in western contemporary culture is to reflect upon our historical misdeeds in relation to European colonialism. This is partly driven by the media’s obsession with examples of racism, real...

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Franklin Graham is not a ‘hate preacher’

May 8, 2022 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: ‘God Loves You’. ‘Looking for Something More?’. They may not be the most outstanding advertising slogans you have ever heard, but apparently in modern Britain, these slogans now...

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Is it finished? Lessons from the Finnish prosecution of a Christian MP

Apr 3, 2022 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: There is good news this week from Finland. The Finnish Christian MP, Päivi Räsänen, together with a Lutheran bishop, Juhana Pohjola, have been found not guilty of hate speech charges, while the...

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A landmark ‘hate speech’ trial in Finland could banish Christianity from the public square

Jan 21, 2022 by

by Michael Cook, MercatorNet: A distinguished MP is accused of lèse-majesté against the LGBTQI+ lobby. Hate speech is a Thing. People do incite others to violence and they do vilify their enemies. In India, hate speech by prominent Hindu...

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Critics of transgender issues and immigration will be protected under new free speech laws

Dec 8, 2021 by

by Luke Rildey, GB News: The Law Commission said people with outspoken views should have stronger safeguards to be protected under freedom of speech laws and private conversations should also be protected. People who question migrants or...

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Watch what you say

Nov 11, 2021 by

by Lois McLatchie, The Critic: Having grown up on the famous “Bonnie Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond, I’ve always thought that Glasgow was the center of the universe. It was with some surprise this month that I saw the rest of the world...

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