A manifesto for heresy

May 11, 2018 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked: Say the unsayable: read the speech Brendan O’Neill gave at Oxford this week. This week, to the horror of student campaigners, Brendan O’Neill was invited to speak at a dinner at The Queen’s College, Oxford. This is what he said. It is my sincerely held belief that a man can never become a woman. That no matter how many hormones he takes, or operations he has, or fabulous outfits he buys, a person who was born male can never become female. I accept a man can be...

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Are South Korean cults infiltrating churches and Christian news media?

May 9, 2018 by

By Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden, CEN May 11 Questions about a Korean cult that was targeting trusted evangelical churches and movements two years ago are now being asked about their influence on Christian media organisations. In December 2016 the Daily Telegraph reported that Holy Trinity, Brompton, and the Diocese of London had warned members and churches about the Korean cult ‘Paracristo’  offering Bible Study courses in London’s docklands. Reporters Harry Farley and John Bingham wrote that...

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Is Richard Rohr a heretic?

Feb 21, 2018 by

By Ian Paul, Psephizo. [Editor’s note: this is important because of the growing popularity of Rohr’s teaching among Christians in the English speaking West who are looking for something less inconvenient and apparently more “deep” than re-statement of historic biblical faith for contemporary life.] […] Two things struck me immediately. First, from the beginning, the text included every buzzword from ‘progressive’ thinking that you would expect—inclusivity, feeling,...

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The Heresies of Jayne Ozanne

Feb 15, 2018 by

by Melvin Tinker, Anglican Ink: If one is to claim that a certain teaching is heretical, we need to be clear what we mean by the term. Alister McGrath writes, ‘Heresy arises through accepting a basic cluster of Christian beliefs- yet interpreting them in such a way that inconsistency results. A heresy is thus an inadequate or deficient form of Christianity. By its very deficiency, it poses a threat to the Gospel.’ The reason why heresy gains traction in the church is because it...

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Is the Church of England a Gnostic Sect?

Jul 22, 2017 by

by David W Virtue, VOL: True apostolic succession. Almost deafened by the babel of voices in the contemporary church, how are we to decide whom to follow? The answer is: we must test them all by the teaching of the apostles of Jesus Christ. ‘Peace and mercy’ will be on the church when it ‘walks by this rule’ (Gal. 6:16). Indeed, this is the only kind of apostolic succession we can accept — not a line of bishops stretching back to the apostles and claiming to be...

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Why Pelagianism matters (including for the Church of England)

Jul 19, 2017 by

by Matthew Roberts: At last week’s C of E General Synod, Synod member Jayne Ozanne presented an argument for her motion for the C of E to ban ‘gay conversion therapy’ which began with these remarkable words: ‘The Bible teaches us that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps.139.14), and that we should praise God’s gift of our creation. Thus, our diversity as human beings is a reflection of God’s creativity and something to celebrate. The biblical concern is not with what we are but how...

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