‘Pinkwashing’ and Israel: How to Work against Your Own Best Interests

May 11, 2019 by

by Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute: Early in April, the British gay newspaper Pink News ran a headline: “LGBT performers to boycott Eurovision in Israel with online broadcast”. The broadcast, known as Globalvision, will be part of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which tries hard to delegitimize Israel economically and politically. Referring to a letter which activists had written to the pop star Madonna, Pink News reported: “We feel we...

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The Irishman who claims to help people with ‘unwanted same-sex attractions’

Apr 20, 2019 by

by Fionola Meredith, Irish Times: On the evening of Valentine’s Day in February this year, a group of gay rights activists gathered outside Townsend Street Presbyterian Church in North Belfast, holding banners saying “self-hatred is not therapy” and “love needs no cure”. The activists were there to protest about the Irish premiere of a film to be shown at the church that night. The name of the film is “Once Gay: Matthew and Friends”. Produced and promoted by a Northern Ireland-based Christian...

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When a former homosexual says they have been healed or changed, what do they mean?

Apr 11, 2019 by

By David Kyle Foster, Christian Post: It is a constant mantra of activists, that people who are same-sex attracted are born that way and that there is no hope for change, -i.e., they can never develop opposite-sex attractions or lessen their same-sex feelings. No wonder the suicide rate among homosexuals is 3-5 times the average, even in locations around the world that are the most supportive of such a lifestyle! No hope is being given to the vast numbers of homosexuals who don’t want to be...

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The Disproportionate Rate Of Measurable Harm For Males And Females In Homosexual Relationships

Apr 10, 2019 by

by Robert A. J. Gagnon, The Aquila Report: Jesus taught us that the God-ordained union of “male and female” is our best clue that God intended sexual unions to be between two (and only two) persons. The requirement of two different sexes is the only foundation for rejecting more consistently the excessive structural sameness of incest. Eliminating this male-female foundation opens the door to other distorted sexual unions, at least for now of an adult-consensual nature. (1) There is a...

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Christian conference for those with ‘same sex temptations’ attracts LGBT protest

Apr 7, 2019 by

From Premier. Campaigners for LGBT rights have held a protest outside a Christian conference offering support for people experiencing “same sex temptations”. The day-long event in Windsor Baptist Church in Belfast was organised by the True Freedom Trust. Demonstrators held a peaceful picket outside the church, branding the conference a form of gay conversion therapy. But the True Freedom Trust said the protesters had misunderstood its message. It insisted it did not provide therapy...

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Male Homosexuality and Priestly Formation

Apr 2, 2019 by

by Adam Reimers, Crisis Magazine: There is no homosexuality. Of course, there are homosexuals, but there is no one thing, no one condition or syndrome that is homosexuality. If we are to address the “homosexual problem” in the Church, then we must first understand what we are talking about, and whatever that is, it is not a thing called homosexuality. We know that many homosexuals come from dysfunctional families marked by a dominant mother and weak or absent father. Some others have...

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