The gay rights problem isn’t with Qatar, it’s with Islam

Nov 28, 2022 by

by Tom Lennie, TCW: […]  The Western world deems it unacceptable that any nation should in any way hinder the free expression of same-sex or transgender values. Qatar officials, for their part, sought to reassure fans ‘of any...

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It Was Homosexual Abuse

Nov 24, 2022 by

by Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine: Leftists deny the mountain of demographic data that draws a strong link between homosexuality and abuse of minors in the Church. The Catholic squad of the Sexual Left insists you agree that the priest sex...

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One-quarter of students at elite universities are LGBT. What does that say about America’s future?

Nov 21, 2022 by

by Louis T March, MercatorNet: A survey of 57,000 undergraduates from 159 of America’s “top universities” reveals a lack of viewpoint diversity. The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology is a relatively new organization, and...

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Asking the Wrong Questions About Homosexuality

Oct 27, 2022 by

by Regis Nicholl, Crisis Magazine: Recently, I was asked why God makes homosexuals the way they are. That, after sharing concerns about people—even Christians, mind you—who prayed for deliverance to no effect. I responded by recounting a...

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Is the Bible contradictory on sexuality?

Sep 15, 2022 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: A recent essay by Walter Brueggemann on the Bible and ‘homosexuality’ has received wide circulation (I put ‘homosexuality’ in inverted commas since, although it is included in the title to the essay, it is not a...

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Potential vote on homosexuality at Lambeth Conference sparks criticism

Jul 25, 2022 by

by Kelly Valencia, Premier: Church of England vicars and churchgoers have taken to social media to criticise a potential vote on a previous position which rejects homosexuality as “incompatible with Scripture” during the upcoming Lambeth...

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