Why police hands were tied in the case of the stabbed burglar

Apr 13, 2018 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, The Conservative Woman: Most TCW readers will have welcomed the decision to bring no charges against the Hither Green pensioner who, cornered in his kitchen by a thug armed with a screwdriver, somehow managed to kill the intruder. Most will also have few good words for the...

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Anti-marriage, anti-family – this Court of Human Wrongs must go

Dec 4, 2017 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, The Conservative Woman: Human rights enthusiasts want you to think that the European Convention on Human Rights deals in matters of high constitutional significance. In fact as often as not the claims it supports are rather different, aimed more at micromanaging the way we do...

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The Religion of Rights

Oct 30, 2017 by

by Sir Roger Scruton, BBC Radio 4: “European society”, says Sir Roger Scruton, “is rapidly jettisoning its Christian heritage and has found nothing to put in its place save the religion of human rights”. But, he argues, this new “religion” delivers one-sided...

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Human Rights Campaign Ranks 500 US Cities on ‘LGBT’ Inclusivity: 68 Score Perfect, 11 Get Zeroes

Oct 24, 2017 by

by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post: Pro-gay activist organization Human Rights Campaign has ranked over 500 U.S. cities, including all 50 state capitols, in a “best” to “worst” list on how they score on LGBT inclusivity issues. HRC has in the past been criticized by some...

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European Court of Human Rights failures revealed as members ignore rulings

Sep 23, 2017 by

by Jon Rogers, Daily Express: National governments of the 47 members of the Council of Europe have ignored the rulings of 9,944 judgements with some cases stretching back to 1992, according to the Council’s database. Cases ruled as a violation of human rights include segregating HIV-positive...

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The Religion of Human Rights is Anti- Democratic

Jun 21, 2017 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea: There is a new religion in town. It alone knows the truth. It is intolerant, authoritarian and anti-democratic.
Like many of its cult-like forbears in the West it has its roots in Christianity but has become quite specifically anti-Christianity– the child seeking to...

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