The Word or the Sword? Christianity and Islam Meet in Hyde Park

Jul 28, 2021 by

by Mark Durie, Middle East Forum: Last Sunday, on a rainy London day, Christian street preacher Hatun Tash was stabbed twice, an attacker’s blade striking her once in the forehead above her right eye and then on her wrist as she put her arms up to defend herself. This took place at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. […]  To be a Christian preacher to Muslims is no easy or light calling. Over the years Tash has been threatened with death and beaten, her bones broken. She has even...

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The lesson from Batley Grammar: Mob intimidation wins

Jun 21, 2021 by

by Gary Oliver, The Conservative Woman: THE battle of Batley Grammar School is over. Islamist intolerance and intimidation has triumphed. This is the only conclusion to be drawn from news that the teacher who showed depictions of Muhammad to a religious studies class, for which he was hounded into hiding, has been left too scared to resume working at the West Yorkshire school. It is an unwelcome win for the menacing mob which protested at the school gates. In particular, it is a disheartening...

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We must stop capitulating to this intolerance

Mar 29, 2021 by

by Tom Slater, spiked: A group of religious conservatives has managed to shut down a school for two days running, exact a grovelling apology from its headteacher, and have a teacher suspended. The teacher’s name has been circulated online, both by protesters and a local religious charity, forcing him into police protection. All this because the teacher showed his pupils images in a lesson that the protesters deem to be offensive. We might expect the great and good of liberal Britain to be...

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The Great Refusal or Mary’s Fiat: An Advent Reflection

Dec 8, 2020 by

By Graham Dennis and Harrison Kleiner: Mary’s fiat is a magnanimous expression of receptivity and gratitude, rather than revolt. It is a humble and even joyous reception of something given that she did not choose: God’s will. In the broader cultural sense, adopting Mary’s receptivity would entail a thankful and receptive attitude towards a rich cultural patrimony, inherited tradition, and indeed given nature. Tolerance of differing and dissenting viewpoints was once considered a fundamental...

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Tolerance? Intolerable!

Oct 2, 2020 by

by Marcus Walker, The Critic: National debate used to be encouraged by the Anglican state — but those days are fast disappearing. And this is the law that I’ll maintain Until my dying day, sir: That whatsover king shall reign, I’ll be the Vicar of Bray, sir. Has any song more thoroughly lampooned the pusillanimity of the Anglican parson than “The Vicar of Bray”? If you don’t know it, Google it now; it will repay the effort. Our parson leaps from defending the Divine Right of Kings under...

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In defence of liberalism: resisting a new era of intolerance

Jun 12, 2020 by

by Douglas Murray, Spectator: […]  But in our own country, the much more serious assault on political liberalism comes not from the conservative right, but from the radical left. Over the past couple of weeks, well–meaning people have poured almost a million pounds into the coffers of Black Lives Matter UK in the belief that they are helping a movement that will help black people. In fact they have funded a deeply radical movement. On its own fundraising page, BLM UK describes its aims...

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