Terrorism in prisons

May 8, 2022 by

by Tim Dieppe, Artillery Row: A report published last week by the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation entitled Terrorism in Prisons marks a step forwards in the recognition of this problem. It makes for some stark reading. The...

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Sweden and the crisis of integration

May 5, 2022 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked: Bombings, shootings and rioting are on the rise in Sweden. We need to talk about why. Something is rotten in the state of Sweden. Grenade attacks have soared in recent years. Sweden is now the only...

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Rehab vs radicalisation: how to stop Islamists spreading their poison on the prison estate

Apr 29, 2022 by

by Rakib Ehsan, CapX: By announcing the raft of measures to tackle Islamist radicalisation in the prison system, the UK government is stepping up its focus on bread-and-butter matters of governance and security. In a new drive to tackle...

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Islamist gangs taking over prison wings, new report warns

Apr 28, 2022 by

by Darshna Soni, Channel 4 News: A new report into extremism in prisons warns that Islamist gangs are taking over entire wings and have forced people to convert. The independent reviewer of terrorist legislation, Jonathan Hall, carried...

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Islamism, not social media, killed David Amess

Apr 12, 2022 by

by Stephen Daisley, Artillery Row: Why won’t MPs and ministers speak frankly about the motives for his murder? Ali Harbi Ali’s explanation for killing David Amess is not only icily matter-of-fact but highly inconvenient. Ali, on trial at...

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Nigerian Journalist Jailed After Exposing Attacks on Christians

Mar 11, 2022 by

By Scott Morgan, Juicy Ecumenism: A journalist in Nigeria’s north has seemingly crossed government officials by reporting on attacks against Christians there. Luka Binnayet accused authorities in the Muslim-majority Kaduna State of an...

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