Revisiting the progressive evangelical package

Jan 16, 2019 by

By Derek Rishmawy, Mere Orthodoxy. A few years ago I wrote a piece for Mere O called, “The Progressive Evangelical Package.” It probably helps to read it before proceeding. Simply put, though, before the language of “tribes” and “tribal thinking” became lingua franca, I tried to point out that Progressive Evangelicals had a developing orthodoxy of key doctrines just as much as conservative Calvinists did. I did that by identifying seven of them, trying to pinpoint some of the underlying,...

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Where liberalism helps

Oct 11, 2018 by

By Jozef Andrew Kosc, First Things. […] The situation of the suffering Church demands a wholly different strategy from our search in the West for post-liberal political alternatives. In much of the world, we cannot afford to suspect liberalism, but must instead affirm liberal principles of religious liberty and pluralism, private property, and the doctrines of human rights and civil liberties. These central tenets of twentieth-­century Catholic social thought, affirmed in Vatican II...

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The Myth of Liberalism

Sep 25, 2018 by

by James V Schall, The Imaginative Conservative: The Myth of Liberalism offers a concise argument of the adequacy of modern liberalism and a re-presention of how classical/medieval understanding of family and virtue really is a superior understanding of the human good… “Contemporary liberalism is less a political philosophy than a façade for undermining extant social and legal mores.” —John Safranek, The Myth of Liberalism, 2015 When I first looked into this insightful book of John Safranek...

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The rise of post-truth liberalism

Sep 4, 2018 by

by John Gray, UnHerd: Visiting New York a few weeks after Trump’s victory in the presidential election, I found myself immersed in a mass psychosis. The city’s intelligentsia was possessed by visions of conspiracy. No one showed any interest in the reasons Trump supporters may have had for voting as they did. Quite a few cited the low intelligence, poor education and retrograde values of the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for him. What was most striking was how many of those with whom I...

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Friendly Theological Liberalism: A Threat in Every Age

Jul 17, 2018 by

by Dan Doriani, The Gospel Coalition: For centuries, liberal theologians have believed it their task to make Christianity palatable to “modern man.” In most cases, the modern man in question is anyone who shares the liberal theologian’s heritage and social status. The liberal theologian’s goal is to rescue Christianity by excising the elements that seem most offensive in that day. In one era, the doctrine of sin is unacceptable; in another, it’s miracles; in another, it’s the virgin birth, the...

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Patrick Deneen and the Problem with Liberalism

May 15, 2018 by

by Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse: Patrick Deneen poses good questions but begs others. The second installment in the Public Discourse symposium on Why Liberalism Failed. For some time, I’ve regarded the word “liberalism” as an expression now invested with so many contradictory meanings that it has become useless as a way of describing a consistent set of principles with particular implications for political order. The twentieth-century philosophers John Rawls and Robert Nozick were typically...

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