An increasing portrayal of transgender characters on TV is ‘fuelling rise’ in the number of young people seeking medical help to change sex, says a leading expert

Aug 10, 2020 by

by Glen Owen, Mailonline: The increasing portrayal of transgender characters on TV is fuelling a dramatic rise in the number of young people seeking medical help to change sex, a leading expert has said. Polly Carmichael, who is head of Britain’s leading trans clinic for children, said that programmes such as Orange Is The New Black, Transparent and Butterfly helped ‘normalise gender diversity’. And she claimed exposure to social media could be persuading some children to ‘erroneously’ believe...

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BBC encourages staff to say if they want to be called he, she or they in their email signatures in a drive to be more inclusive

Jul 11, 2020 by

By Bhvishya Patel, Mailonline: The BBC is encouraging its employees to include their gender pronouns in their email signatures in a drive to create a more ‘inclusive workplace’.   The broadcaster, who announced their new guidance on their official intranet, hope the move, will allow transgender and non-binary colleagues feel more welcome at the organisation. According to the proposal, it is hoped that including pronouns in messages will be a ‘small, proactive step that we can...

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How will the mainstream news media perform during their future LGBTQ test?

Jul 10, 2020 by

by Richard Ostling, Get Religion: In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell and new Bostock decisions favoring LGBTQ rights, America’s mainstream media face one of their most challenging tests. Given ardent support for change among so many journalists, editors, business interests and cultural powers, can they manage fair coverage of religious traditions that resist both same-sex relationships and gender identity as a replacement for DNA biology? This story will have legs in part because...

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The March Through the Institutions Brings Civil War at The New York Times

Jun 7, 2020 by

by Albert Mohler: This week, The New York Times is not only publishing the news, it is the news–standing at the center of a controversy well worth watching. As it turns out, this development serves as a parable about massive worldview changes in the United States with urgent lessons about the culture. Earlier this week, The New York Times ran an opinion piece by United States Senator Tom Cotton with the headline, “Tom Cotton: Send in the Troops.” Senator Cotton was elected to the United...

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Letter from Australia 44 – Cummings, Compassion, and a Chilling Video

May 25, 2020 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea: There are times when you are asked a question that is really just an accusation. “Why are you commenting on the UK? You don’t live here anymore…you ran away”. There is no point to responding personally to such an accusation – the person concerned has no real interest in the answer to that question – because they already think they know it. Sadly much of ‘dialogue’ on social media is of that type. It’s so depressing to see – even more so when Christians join in...

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Israeli minister threatens to shut down God TV channel for preaching the gospel to Jews

May 6, 2020 by

from Premeir: Israel’s Minister for Communications has threatened to pull the plug on a new Hebrew-language evangelical channel which aims “to take the gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of the Jewish people.” Under its newly issued license, Shelanu TV is prohibited from broadcasting content that subjects viewers to “undue influence.” Evangelising, therefore, is off the table. This message was reiterated by communication’s minister and Likud...

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