Film-makers rewrite history to push salacious same-sex story line

Mar 14, 2019 by

from The Christian Institute: Film-makers have been criticised for creating a fictional same-sex storyline about palaeontologist Mary Anning. The film showcases the life achievements of the “unsung hero of fossil discovery” who was known for her work along the coastline of Lyme Regis. But her family are furious she is being portrayed as a lesbian simply because she was a single woman. Undermines achievements Mary Anning made her first major fossil discovery in 1811 at only 12 years old. She...

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Director of The Values Foundation – Judith Nemeth – speaks to Radio 4

Feb 25, 2019 by

from The Values Foundation: On Radio 4’s Sunday programme on 24th February, Harry Farley reported on the concerns of many Orthodox Jews, as well as those of other religious families, regarding the Government’s plans on Relationships education. Values Foundation Director, Judith Nemeth, spoke of how religious educators want to comply with the law yet have serious problems in teaching about “alternative family structures” which are contrary to their core beliefs. This excerpt from the programme...

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Church leaders disappointed with change to BBC Songs of Praise time slot

Feb 22, 2019 by

from Christian Today: The BBC’s decision to move ‘Songs of Praise’ to Sunday lunchtime has disappointed Church leaders. The Church of England was asked by Dr Chris Angus during Synod this week whether it had challenged the BBC over changing the time of its only regular religious programme from late afternoons on Sunday to much earlier in the day. Dr Angus, lay chair of the Diocese of Carlisle, said the programme had effectively been ‘marginalised’ by the BBC. In a...

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Nick Sandmann files $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post

Feb 20, 2019 by

by Claire Chretien, LifeSite: In what they say is “just the first of many,” lawyers for Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann filed a $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post today. “The Post rushed to lead the mainstream media to assassinate Nicholas’ character and bully him,” high-profile attorneys Lin Wood and Todd McMurty wrote in a summary of their lawsuit. The newspaper “[fanned] the flames of the social media mob into a mainstream media frenzy of false attacks and...

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On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here’s Why.

Feb 19, 2019 by

by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire: On January 29, 2019, Chicago Police opened a hate crime investigation into the alleged assault of Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett, who is black and gay, alleged that two men approached him at 2 a.m. in Chicago, where they shouted “f*****” and “n*****,” tried to wrap a noose around his neck, and poured bleach on him. He also told TMZ that the men shouted, “This is MAGA country.” The story received unending press. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),...

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BBC announces Year Of Belief examining religion and ethics in modern Britain

Jan 28, 2019 by

from Belfast Telegraph: The BBC is launching a year of religious programming examining how faith is shaping and dividing modern Britain. A Year Of Belief will delve into the current convictions of UK citizens, and their attitudes as well as the pressing moral dilemmas of our time. New programmes will explore how the personal and religious views of modern medicine, sexuality, parenthood and extremism are dividing society along new fault-lines. The fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie will be...

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